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Custom Etched Glass: Techniques and Methods

At All Team Glass, we manufacture a range of glass products, from edge profiles and safety glass, to shower and custom etched glass. The etched glass that we manufacture can use any custom artwork you want etched into your glass product.

When it comes to manufacturing custom etched glass, there are two very common techniques used: sandblasting and cream etching:


Sandblasting, also known as abrasive blasting, is a common glass etching technique. The technique of sandblasting involves the use of abrasive materials, such as sand, inside a pressurized gun to blast an exposed area of the glass until it produces an etch.


Cream Etching

Cream etching is the other common technique used to manufacture custom etched glass. This technique involves the application of etching cream onto an exposed area of glass. Etching cream is essentially acid that, when placed on glass, lightly burns through the material and over time, produces an etch.


When sandblasting or cream etching is done, a protective mask is used to cover all parts of the glass piece except for the parts that will be etched. This mask can be made of multiple things. Many people opt for adhesive plastic sheets, while others on a budget use high quality tape.


Typically, the design of the etch is traced or drawn onto the tape. Once placed in its desired spot on the glass, a knife is used to cut away parts of the design, exposing the area that needs to be etched. This is when either the etching cream or abrasive material is applied to create the etch.


These two types of etching are arguably the most common techniques used to create custom etched glass. When you work with us at All Team Glass, we employ a variety of techniques to create beautiful custom etched glass, so contact us today!