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Custom Glass Shower Doors: Styles for Toronto

Shower doors and enclosures are typically made of glass to add a touch of openness and light to a small bathroom space. Almost all of these doors are custom-made to fit the given space. Since they are tempered and can’t be cut or reshaped in any way after treatment, installations of custom glass shower doors are best done after all the tiles have been set.


Planning ahead and considering all options before commencing the project helps save you both time and money. There are various styles and designs of glass doors to choose from. Selecting the right one that perfectly suits your bathroom depends on the kind of shower you have as well as the size and placement of its opening.


Here are the most common styles for custom glass shower doors and enclosures worth considering.


Round glass shower doors

This option is perfect if you have an alcove or standalone shower. Round doors provide a more spacious area for showering with its curved design. It swings on hinges of the frame and can be installed to open either at the right or left, whichever is more suitable to the design of your bathroom. In some cases of remodels, a walk-in shower might be ideal. For this, a glass enclosure is ideal.


Pivot glass shower doors

This type is great for large bathrooms. It is also known as swing-open door that opens on hinges similar to other doors in your house. It is used more often in showers with narrow openings. Pivot doors are normally installed to open outwards and placed with one or two fixed panels. For them to work, there must be enough floor space for a full swing. But they can also be mounted to open inwards to pivot either way. 


Sliding glass shower doors

Also called as bypass doors, they have been in use for decades. They are usually made of two or three panels that slide along tracks at the top and bottom of the shower unit. They are highly popular since they require the least amount of space and are ideal for showers with wide openings.  


Whichever is the best choice for you, there’s a wide range of panel styles available at All Team Glass. These include clear glass, frosted, textured or patterned, opaque and painted custom glass shower doors.


All Team Glass specializes in designing and manufacturing custom glass shower doors and enclosures in Toronto. Regardless of your bathroom style or size, we can help you design the perfect glass shower door. Contact us today to learn more!