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Custom Glass Shower Doors: The All Team Advantage

At All Team Glass, we are specialists when it comes to fabrication and customizing, and our custom glass shower doors will make a phenomenal addition to your home. Convenience, functionality, and usability for you and your home is what drives us to excel at the work we do. We are proud of our facility and our design team, who are more than qualified to design and deliver our promise of exceptional glass shower doors in the Greater Toronto Area.


Our custom glass shower doors stand out from the crows, thanks to their…


  • Range of Thickness - We offer a wide range of thicknesses from 8mm to 19mm thick, which helps us ensure your safety, as well the door’s durability and long-term usage. Your safety and comfort, after all, are of paramount importance!
  • Custom Sizing and Shaping - Over the years, we have worked with all kinds of designs to accommodate a great many customers! We are more than willing to create custom designs that work with your specific room requirements.
  •  Safety Tempered - All our glass shower door products safety tempered. This glass is much less prone to breaking, even against strong pressures, and are much less likely to cause injury in the rare event that they do break.

Making custom glass shower doors that look great and last long is at the heart of our business. Our in-house design team is available for any task provided or requested. We are capable of a multitude of artistic options and able to consult with you and cater to your unique and original design. If you have any interest in our unique glass designs, feel free to give us a call or to request a quote today! Our team would be more than happy to help bring your ideal design to life.