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Glass Shower Doors in Toronto Homes – Maintain Their Good Condition!

After buying your glass shower doors from Toronto at All Team Glass, you will have an attractive, durable, and long-lasting enclosure for your home. Unfortunately, glass is subject to a number of stains and blemishes that can take away from its timeless look. Fortunately, managing the condition of your doors is reasonably simple, and will help them to last for a very long time in your home.


The two primary ways your glass shower door from Toronto might be beginning to deteriorate are water stains and dried soap – which is ironic, considering those things are used for cleaning on the other side of that door! However, when soap sticks to the shower door, or if there is any hard water coming through the faucet or shower head, the resulting stain can be rather unappealing to look at, which is undoubtedly opposite to the intended effect of the door.


Fortunately, keeping our glass shower doors from Toronto clean is a fairly simple process.


Since soap will typically stick to glass more easily than water will, using water to wash away soap before it can stain is usually a good idea. If you are using soft water, you may find that potential issues simply end there. If the soap is starting to stain, however, or if you find soap scum sticking to your shower door, vinegar is a common household item you can use that is surprisingly effective at eliminating potential stains, and won’t create any itself either.


Another excellent way to keep your shower doors free from water stains is by applying a popular solution for automobiles called a glass water repellent. Although its usual purpose is to increase windshield visibility during the rainy weather, it is also ideal for keeping water from sticking to your glass shower doors in Toronto (where such repellants are easy and common purchases).


All Team Glass is a proud provider of glass products, including custom-made glass shower doors from Toronto, and our products are designed to last for a long time. That amount of time does, however, depend in some part on your own diligence in keeping those products clean and protected from common stains. The beauty of the end product is worth the time, however, as most of our customers would very likely agree.