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More Advantages of Custom Glass Shower Doors

At All Team Glass, we design, manufacture and install custom glass shower doors and enclosures in Toronto. Our custom shower doors are tempered for safety and for longevity, and with expert customization you can make the bathroom of your dreams!

Using some of the latest technology in glass fabrication and extensive technical expertise we can manufacture and customize glass for any renovation or construction need.


With the right custom glass shower doors, you can make your bathroom a stunning place to start the day while increasing the value of your home.


If you want to decorate your bathroom, you have many choices. You can use wall color and installation finish to get the style that best suits you and your home. You can use glass shower doors to make it classy, modern and colorful as needed. Glass shower doors are a good way to get the aesthetic value of your room with lots of other benefits.

These are just some of the advantages custom glass shower doors:

  • Attractiveness – Glass shower doors always look chic and sleek. This adds to the aesthetic appeal of the bathroom itself. Moreover, this emphasizes the paint choices and designs of other elements of your bathroom.
  • Customizable – Custom glass shower doors can be patterned according to the ideas of the client. Moreover, custom glass shower doors can have multiple themes to choose from and any dimension that is required.
  • Durable – Our custom glass shower doors use tempered glass, which is very resistant to impact and even if broken it will not shatter into sharp pieces at all. The glass itself is more durable compared to most frames.
  • Low Maintenance – There is no need to strictly clean and maintain custom glass shower doors, they need only regular cleaning to get rid of water spots.

We provide our clients with hassle-free, expert and comprehensive services. Moreover, we provide assistance for installation and for repair of glass along with expert advice. Contact All Team Glass today to learn more!