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Safety glass is typically used for architectural projects, from store front windows to shower doors. Regular glass is considered too brittle for these types of applications. Safety glass is specially designed to be tougher than regular glass, which is why it is the standard in architecture. Furthermore, if safety glass breaks, it shatters into round fragments of a similar size. These fragments are less likely to cause physical damage, with the added bonus that they are easier and faster to clean. 

Ordinary glass is not durable enough to withstand the pressure of being part of an architectural design. Glass manufacturers developed many ways to innovate their products, one of which is glass tempering. It is a process that toughens glass. Tempered glass panels are much safer for construction purposes because the glass breaks into granular chunks when shattered. It is for this reason tempered glass is favored for installations like glass shower doors, skyscraper exteriors, and storefront windows. This article outlines the benefits of tempered glass panels, regarding safety and more. 

If you are looking for the most unique glass shower doors Toronto has for its discerning public, check out All Team Glass and Mirror LTD. Modern shower doors are all about openness and elegance, designed to brighten the bathing space. Their open design brings together disparate elements such as contemporary bath fixtures, sprawling vanities and decorative tiles. Glass shower doors come in many varieties, allowing the customer to select the one that suits them best. No home is the same; each room has personal touches that makes it a reflection of the owner. All Team Glass has a large selection to accommodate many different tastes. 

All Team Glass specialize in safety glass and are best known for their quality custom glass products. Safety glass is commonly used in places where reinforced glass is needed, such as store fronts and shower doors. This is to ensure that the glass is durable and less prone to shattering, and if breakage does occur, the glass does not shatter everywhere and cause unnecessary harm. This is done by tempering the glass and creating balanced internal stresses; when safety glass breaks, it breaks into rotund particles of similar size and shape, instead of sharp shards that can hurt people. This makes safety glass an ideal material when building glass walls meant for living spaces and vehicle windows. Anywhere safety is paramount needs an installation of safety glass. 

All Team Glass is serious about fabricating the best glass shower doors, Toronto. Their state of the art facility houses sophisticated equipment and a team of experienced professionals who make sure the job is done right. All Team Glass fabricate shower doors customized to the needs of their client and are all about variety. They have the ability to make a pane of glass that suits any style or aesthetic, from modern to traditional. From customized cut outs, size, shape, thickness, hardware, and even etched artwork, All Team Glass listen to what you want and make your vision a reality.