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When it comes to glass solutions, it is very clear that All Team Glass and Mirror LTD. achieves the best quality ever.  Due to their years of experience and competitive prices, All Team Glass has attained the reputation of the best fabricators of tempered glass Toronto has to offer. Only All Team Glass has emerged to quench the thirst of customers. They have a very organized team with skills and experience to work with the best material to produce the best glass. This team works together to give the best standard to their deserving customers. 

Safety glass provides a high level of security and reduces injury chances after breakage. It is divided into three types: tempered, laminated and armed glass.

Tempered glass is processed by controlled temperatures and chemical treatments for increased strength. This causes an internal stress balance which causes the glass to shatter into small granular chucks of similar size and shape thus reducing human injury. Tempered glass generally is a strengthened material and has a higher durability.


Glass fabrication is the manufacture of glass using raw materials or materials that have not fully been converted into finished product. This is done rather than gathering various parts to manufacture glass. Glass is a solid material that has no definite shape but can be seen through. It has various uses; technical, practical and can be used for decorating. Most glasses are formed using a chemical known as silicon dioxide.

Today, we see intensive use of glass in many industries and perhaps you have come across a bent glass. Have you ever wondered how they are made? In the past, it was very hard to pursue such things. Today, with the advancement in technology, there is possibility of manufacturing this kind of glass. This kind of glass is very appealing and it gives your building a nice look.

With the extensive use of glass today, having top quality tempered glass is extremely paramount. Tempered glass plays a major role in ensuring safety and can be used in many applications in industrial, commercial and even domestic settings. There are many places offering this product however, the quality is not the same and getting the best tempered glass in Toronto can be a real hassle.