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A glass manufacturer carries out two main processes in the manufacture of glass. One of the processes involves manufacture of sheet glass which is known as float glass process. The other process involves the manufacture of bottles and other containers which is known as glassblowing process.

If you ever wondered why most people go for custom glass shower doors, then you got the answer now. The advantages that come along with the use of custom glass shower door outdo the use of other shower doors. Custom shower doors are simple to clean and one spends few minutes doing the cleaning hence saves time too. A Transparent Polymer Coating is applied on the glass simply to avoid formation of decaying substances or diseased substances. This makes it easy to maintain of the glass too.

One may think that shower doors Toronto are all the same. Glass shower doors Toronto are of various types each with its design and style. They include; clear glass, frosted glass, rain glass shower Toronto, tinted and hammer glass shower Toronto. Tinted glass can be of different colors such as bronze, gray or black. They are a little bit dark to enhance privacy. Those that are lighter complete the color of the bathroom.

All Team Glass began manufacturing different types of safety glass for multiple industrial projects in 1975. It was introduced as a channel for diversifying our already existing product line besides to etched glass, showed glass and mirrors.

Our in-house design team can provide consultations and artistic design ideas, as well as technical expertise on materials and equipment. Whether it’s a simple pattern or an intricate design, we are here to help you make the bathroom of your dreams for your Toronto home!