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Safety glass is basically a form of glass that is made in a unique way to be strong. Its use is very diverse. You can find this kind of glass in store fronts, office partitions and many other places. Finding this type of glass in Toronto can be very hard. 

Doors are a vital component in any shower. Having stylish glass shower doors is a plus as it makes showering more fun and interesting. Caution has to be taken whenever purchasing shower glass. The real shower glass is made in such a way that it can handle all bathroom conditions, if you get a fake glass, you cannot get these features.

Etched glass is made by creating particular patterns on the surface of glass. This is achieved by applying an acidic substance to systematically corrode the surface and wear it out. The result is a translucent and rough surface which appears to follow a certain orientation. A variety of techniques is used to attain a custom etched glass. They include acid etching, glass etching cream, abrasive blasting, leptat glass, mold etching and frost etching.



Over the years, glass has become an important material in many disciplines of production. Today, you will find glass on are shower enclosures, office partitions, storefronts, windows and even in vehicle windshields. Glass for this kind of application requires specifications to make them strong so that they can fit their area of usage perfectly. Technology has thus brought forth safety glass, a form of glass that does not easily break and in the event of breaking; there is a very low risk of injuries resulting from it.

A glass manufacturer carries out two main processes in the manufacture of glass. One of the processes involves manufacture of sheet glass which is known as float glass process. The other process involves the manufacture of bottles and other containers which is known as glassblowing process.