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Glass shower doors in Toronto are very popular for new homeowners or renovations due to the functionality and aesthetics the offer. When it comes to glass customization, you can choose from different textures and looks including clear glass, cast glass, frosted or acid-etched glass, patterned or colored glass.

Glass shower doors in Toronto can complete your bathroom renovation. These doors are very popular among homeowners due to their aesthetic and functionality. This blog post details three features to consider when shopping for glass shower doors!

Custom etched glass has long been considered the preserve of the high-end project. Seen most often in luxe, bespoke settings, the perception has been that glass etching is an expensive and unattainable customization. In fact, with the latest machines and experienced craftsmen, custom etched glass is very much a reality. All Team Glass suggests some custom etched glass ideas for your next projects – big and small.

Shower doors and enclosures are typically made of glass to add a touch of openness and light to a small bathroom space. Almost all of these doors are custom-made to fit the given space. Since they are tempered and can’t be cut or reshaped in any way after treatment, installations of custom glass shower doors are best done after all the tiles have been set.

Tempered glass panels are a type of safety glass produced through controlled chemical and thermal treatments to increase its strength well above that of normal glass. The process puts the outer surfaces of the glass into compression and the inner ones into tension.