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Safety glass is a type of glass that has been laminated or toughened to make it less likely to cause injury when it breaks. The whole idea here is to minimize the risk of injuries. Automobile windows and windscreens are made of this type of glass so as to protect you in the case of an accident. Laboratory glassware, eye glasses and house windows are also made of this type of glass. Just as the name suggests, safety glass is meant to be more secure than ordinary glass.

Nowadays, tempered glass panels are becoming a popular material for windows, doors, and stairs. The glass attracts people to use it for many different purposes. This is because tempered glass panels are strong, elegant, and safe. They are also low maintenance, making tempered glass a convenient choice of material for a variety of projects.

Thinking of renovating your bathroom? Glass shower doors in Toronto homes are sleek, chic, and stylish. If space is your priority, glass shower doors can easily combine shower and bath into one streamlined area. So, should you go for a shower curtain or glass shower doors, Toronto? While some people can easily gravitate towards the softer look of colourful waterproof fabrics, others love the no-nonsense efficiency of pane glass shower doors. Glass has a grace and elegance that befits any room, while its timeless qualities ensure glass will not be going out of fashion any time soon. Home décor trends also indicate that a great way to increase property value is glass shower doors for Toronto homeowners. 

Custom glass shower doors enrich the functionality and overall appearance of one of the most commonly used rooms within a home. Frameless custom glass shower doors give an all-glass touch to your bathroom enclosure without the contrasting interruption brought by the frame. It is considered a high-end design that opens your bathroom space and accepts several style preferences from the convention ‘purpose-only’ shower. If you want a bathroom that acts as both an architectural masterpiece and a functional room, then you will want to select the appropriate combination of glass. 


Bent glass is everywhere in modern architecture—you see it in office buildings, museums, cultural hubs, and government buildings. It really makes a statement. Popular applications for bent glass include partitions, enclosures, windows, doors, as well as store displays and fixtures. How is bent glass made? The process may surprise you.