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Renovating Your Bathroom with Glass Doors in Toronto

All Team Glass is your best choice when it comes to anything glass related in Toronto and the GTA. We are here to help you create that beautiful, modern space you desire in your bath, bed, living room or kitchen. Replace those unsightly shower curtains, for example, with a much more aesthetic option that requires less maintenance: Custom Glass Shower Doors for your beautiful Toronto home!

Our 33,000 square foot facility has a fully computerized production system which, together with our well experienced staff, produces faultless and high-quality custom glass shower doors in Toronto.

We strive to provide the highest standard quality of glass installations in the GTA:

1.Safety Tempered- Your satisfaction and safety is our priority. Safety Tempered glass lessen the chance of glass breaking or cracking, which will ensure not only your safety but also excellent product longevity.

2.8mm-19mm thickness- Our well experienced staff knows that safety and durability is paramount. As such, we can provide a variety of specifications and thickness of glass that will fit your needs and decorative vision.

3.Common hinge cutouts/Drilled holes- With our CNC machinery we can achieve excellent quality result with utmost precision.

4.Common Hardware- With our access to common hardware we can be sure to provide you with everything you may need to redesign any bathroom regardless of size, shape or theme.

What makes us your better choice?

As a glass manufacturer in a highly competitive market, we can provide our GTA clients with quality results, excellent consistency and precision. Our company doesn’t stop there, either: our focus goes beyond production alone to helping you design and find the right glass installation for your vision. For those with environmental concerns, you can also rest assured that we employ and seek out methods that are environmentally sound in manufacturing. We additionally use a high percentage of recycled glass.  

Our modern equipment provides us with optimal cutting abilities. This allows us to make the highest and most economical output, reducing costs and waste while getting the quality and precision Toronto demands.