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Safety Glass: Smart Interior Design

Glass, as a building material, is redefining interior design, particularly in contemporary kitchen, living room and bathroom design. The use of safety glass, in particular, does not just provide safety for your family but makes a better choice in energy efficiency and insulation.


It can be used as wall panels and in installations such as kitchen cabinets or pantry doors with beautiful color options or etched designs. There is something classic in the look of a glass that can significantly add to the overall ambience of your kitchen and the value of your home. It is easy to clean and is also more hygienic, providing stronger protection against moisture.


Safety glass is very durable and remains unaffected by scratches or impact.


If seriously damaged, it does not break into dangerous sharp pieces but simply cracks into small pellets, making it still safe when there are kids around. Safety glass comes in variety of grades that can be suitable for modular kitchens. The translucent type with a smooth and satin-like finish is great for kitchen display cabinets. You can also opt for a colored safety glass to add glamour and a more attractive look to your kitchen.  You can even have it on your countertops and cabinets. The longevity and durability of this glass will let you enjoy cooking time and dinner parties even more.


You can also opt for patterned safety glass that serves the purpose of an interior decorative glass. It can come in various shapes and customized dimensions to fit any space and add extra style. This space can be used as elegant table tops or countertops as well as partitions. All Team Glass can help design and manufacture customized safety glass projects in Toronto.


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