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Stunning Glass Shower Doors in Toronto

Glass shower doors in Toronto are very popular for new homeowners or renovations due to the functionality and aesthetics the offer. When it comes to glass customization, you can choose from different textures and looks including clear glass, cast glass, frosted or acid-etched glass, patterned or colored glass. If you are mostly sharing your bathroom with roommates or family, a privacy glass which is heavily textured or frosted is a great choice.


Other important considerations to take into account when choosing glass shower doors in Toronto include the glass type, thickness and strength along with the specific dimensions and needs of your project.


For enhanced durability and safety, a tempered glass is a better choice over annealed glass. It is most commonly used on shower doors. It addresses the key issue of personal safety during showering. It can operate as a swinging or sliding door, and even as a wall in a shower enclosure that does not easily break. If you want to have an extra safety precaution, a laminated glass is great since it’s less likely to cause serious injury in case of an accident. It appears like a normal glass but it’s actually made of two sheets joined to a central layer of clear vinyl. Once it fractures, the broken pieces remain intact since they still adhere to the vinyl.


Glass shower doors in Toronto are built with varying thickness which are determined by concidering whether it’s a framed, semi-frameless, or frameless unit. The thickest of all is called a heavy glass, and it is perfect for the frameless style. Thinner glass is used in framed units for more structural support that safeguards vulnerable corners of the tempered glass. 


Protecting the glass from harmful or corrosive elements is very important to extend its life. Glass protection is also a good option for less maintenance. An ion-beam technology is often used to treat and permanently protect the sealed surface. For a more conservative in budget, glass shower doors in Toronto can also be treated with a high-end sealant which is applied after manufacturing. This compound can protect the glass from stains and corrosion.


Built with excellence, All Team Glass products speak for themselves. We are a full service custom glass fabrication company that specializes in manufacturing the best quality glass shower doors in Toronto. We use the latest state-of-the-art equipment that enable us to take on any custom glass fabrication project, no matter how small or large. We can match any bathroom design style, from traditional to modern.  Contact us today to learn more!