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The Advantages Of Tempered Glass Panels

At All Team Glass, we’re your go-to for all of your custom glass fabrication needs. We specialize in producing different types of tempered glass panels, including safety glass, bent glass, and etched glass – to name a few. We’re capable in providing custom glass products tailored to your specific needs and unique applications.


Our tempered glass panels can suit a wide variety of applications and offer a number of advantages!



Not only is safety the main advantage of safety glass, but it is also the basis of its longevity and durability. With tempered glass panels, you don’t expect larger shards of broken glass to crack off or fly into the air if the glass is broken. This is why tempered glass panels are ideal for cars and trucks!


Easy Clean-Up

When struck, tempered glass crumbles only into small pieces and, thus, there are only fewer shards and splinters. Much of the shards of shattered tempered glass panels can be swept up with a small broom. Moreover, you can use a vacuum cleaner for the glass pebbles.



With a strength that surpasses regular glass, tempered glass can be used in applications where strength is required. This includes laminated glass panels that contain tempered glass layers which are widely used in airports, banks, and government facilities.


Heat Resistance

Tempered glass panels have a higher heat resistance than normal glass due to its molecules which are naturally capable of handling high temperatures. This makes it ideal for fire engines, laboratories or buildings that need to comply with strict safety measures.


With a wide range of products offered to our wide clientele, we are confident in our ability to provide quality tempered glass panels to each and every one of our clients. We’re highly capable in providing you with top quality glass and mirror products that are tailored to your specific application, so contact us today!