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The Benefits of Safety Glass

Tough and functional, safety glass or tempered glass is widely used in a variety of applications. Safety glass is present in shower doors, vehicle windows and more. Designed to be about four times stronger than normal glass, safety glass is built for tough environments. This type of innovation is also a great option for areas like malls and offices where many people walk around and exceptional durability is a requirement.

Safety glass has a lot of benefits. One of these benefits is its strength.

Since safety glass is made with sturdiness in mind, this material is perfect for settings where collisions are most likely to happen.

The best feature of safety glass is that during high impact collisions, they break in small, circular pieces instead of the sharp, jagged pieces of normal glass. If accidents occur, this feature makes it safer for the people within the vicinity.

Another good thing about safety glass is that they are easy to clean. This type of glass breaks in pebble-like pieces which reduces the risk of additional casualties and prevents glass-related injuries.

Great for a variety of high impact environments and even at your own home, safety glass will make your premises a lot safer. Safety glass provides exceptional strength, safety and convenience without sacrificing aesthetics. The attractive elegance of regular glass and the benefits of strengthened material, Safety or tempered glass is an excellent option for your home or business use.

To know more about safety glass, call All Team Glass at 1-800-363-4651. We have the necessary experience to help you choose the best safety glass that will suit your requirements. All Team Glass provides custom glass fabrication, creating and other services to help you and your business. With state of the art equipment and industry standard materials, All Team Glass provides high quality products for your every need.