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The Best Custom Glass Shower Doors In Toronto

With All Team Glass, custom glass shower doors are carefully designed and manufactured for all your bathroom and shower spaces. We can help you outfit your shower to ensure beauty, functionality and convenience.


No matter what kind of bathroom you want to have, our experts offer the very best in custom glass shower doors.


Durability and safety are our main priorities. We have a range of styles and designs for your modern bathroom and shower. With a thickness of 8mm to 19mm, our glass shower doors are safety tempered and can feature customized etched artwork.

Here are the latest designs to keep in mind for your bathroom:

  • Floating Vanities – Large spaces are important for homeowners so that they don’t feel claustrophobic while inside the bathroom. Thus, with this design your small bathroom would feel large and would create the illusion of space. With oversized mirrors, wide tiles, and an open-leg vanity, everything would be perfect.
  • Luxury Bathing – Novel designs and technologies are what you can find in any luxury bathroom design. With newer designs featuring better style than their counterparts, one can enjoy larger tubs. Thus, one can begin seeing the bathroom as a refuge and a worthy treatment for stress.
  • Detailed Shower – Custom details include shower caddies, benches and custom tiles. Combine this with technology, build your speakers for rainfall sounds. Shower jets and LED lighting are fine additions. Seal everything with custom glass shower doors.
  • Statement Fixture – Minimalism in terms of decorations and lines define your bathroom. Homeowners are shifting towards minimalism as a personality signature for the bathroom.

We can fabricate custom glass and customized doors and mirrors. At All Team, we can provide you with the latest trends manufactured glass as well as your custom glass shower doors for your bathroom. Contact us today to learn more.