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The Glass Fabrication Process with All Team Glass

Glass fabrication is quite a fascinating process and it’s done in one of two ways, glass blowing and float glass. The former is used in producing containers and bottles while the latter technique makes sheet glass. In the fabrication of containers, the method is three fold: batch house, cold end and hot end.


Here is a quick breakdown of glass fabrication and how it works from the experts at All Team Glass!



Glass blowing

Batch house is more about raw material handling; ‘hot end’ covers the use of ovens and machines while ‘cold end’ is about the packaging and inspection of the final item. Glass fabrication can be manual or automated, and it starts with material mixing, processing, sieving, drying and preheating. The method used is determined by the colour, type and purity of the raw material. Different shapes and sizes can be manufactured and customized with a little alteration of the process. After all of these have been done, the manufacturing process usually follows with labeling needs and shipping to market.

Float glass

A glass fabrication method whereby molten glass is made to float on molten metal to form glass sheets. The thickness of the final product is usually very uniform. Modern windows designed to retain heat and save on energy consumption are often made using this method. The most commonly used material is soda lime glass with smaller quantities of borosilicate.

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