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What Gives Tempered Safety Glass its Durability?

Glass is one of the most common building materials we see in the modern world today. Of course, it’s unfeasible to use the same material for building as we do with wine glasses. As an alternative to standard glass, safety glass is designed to reduce chances of injury during breakage (which also becomes much less common), and to provide greater security. It is mostly found in situations that require increased protection or in scenarios with higher potential for physical harm. It was first developed in the early twentieth century through celluloid polymers and adhesives. Since then it has become a very common material in household, commercial, and industrial applications.


Today, tempered glass, or “toughened” glass, is the most commonly used form of safety glass. It is a heat-treated material made for high strength and non-dangerous shattering. It does not break into sharp jagged edges, but into small pebble-like pieces. It is produced through a tempering process that heats the glass to a very high temperature (usually between 1,100°F and 1,300°F). When it cools, it hardens into a much stronger glass that is capable of withstanding about five times the amount of force required to break untreated glass.

The process of creating safety glass can be challenging, but it is always well worth the effort.

The main issue with tempered glass, however, is that it can quite difficult to manufacture, as it needs to be cut or shaped prior to heat strengthening. Another potential issue is that in the event of breakage, tempered glass will often fall apart completely, unlike regular glass, which will typically leave some intact or merely cracked pieces behind. Despite of these shortcomings, tempered glass is used automobiles, building doors, shower enclosures, mass transit windows, sliding doors, and large home appliances.


If you require a safe and durable enclosure, but still want that beautiful transparent look, All Team Glass is the best place to consider. All of our safety glass and tempered glass panels are produced in accordance to Canadian industry standards and tested properly. Feel free to contact us today to learn more about our custom products that can be made to your specifications!