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Why Glass Shower Doors in Toronto Provide a Touch of Sophistication to your Home

Nowadays, glass shower doors in Toronto are a popular choice for people’s homes. This is because glass shower doors possess the advantages of enhancing the aesthetic appeal of your bathroom, maintaining an open and airy space, creating an illusion of a spacious bathroom, providing a gorgeous reflection of natural light, and maintaining your privacy. At All Team Glass, we manufacture quality shower doors that provide your bathroom space with a contemporary and sophisticated touch.

At All Team Glass, our glass shower doors in Toronto can be made from several types of glass. These include:

  • Bronze glass: The bronze glass has a dark tint with a bronze hue. The darker hint helps maintain your privacy, reduces glare and possesses protective qualities. A bronze glass shower door will allow your washroom to look luxurious and appealing.
  • Frosted glass: Frosted glass possesses a clear and translucent appearance. It has a blurring effect, which maintains your privacy. It also allows light to shine through. Frosted glass undergoes the process of acid etching or sandblasting clear glass.  Frosted glass is smooth and is great for providing a soft touch of reflective light.
  • Rain glass: Rain glass looks like rain water is pouring down your glass shower door. This type of glass adds a unique texture to your shower door. It also maintains your privacy, conceals minor stains, fingerprints and water marks. 
  • Clear glass: This type of glass is transparent and reflects lots of natural light. It gives your shower a bright, clean and simple look.
  • HD glass: HD glass is manufactured with minimal iron content.  As a result, it minimizes the green tint, and makes the glass transparent. It reflects more light and does not have a strong blurry effect.

At All Team Glass, we offer a large selection of Glass shower doors in Toronto. This allows us to customize and personalize our glass shower doors for our clients. We can help provide you with stunning, quality and durable glass shower doors that meet and exceed all of your expectations. Contact us today for more information about our glass shower doors.