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3 Common Uses Of Tempered Glass Panels

Tempered glass is a type of safety glass often used in applications where regular glass could pose a safety hazard. Tempering the glass makes it much stronger and less likely to break into sharp pieces, making it an ideal choice for use in areas where there is a risk of human impact. Tempered glass is also frequently used in applications where thermal stress could cause the regular glass to shatter. If you are wondering about the uses of tempered glass panels, read our blog until the end.


Common Uses For Tempered Glass Panels Include


Exterior doors and windows

Tempered glass is an excellent choice for exterior doors and windows as they need to be strong. Exterior doors and windows need to offer some protection against intruders and harsh weather conditions. Tempered glass is strong and can withstand pressure for many years without any damage.

Shower doors and enclosures

Glass shower doors are in great fashion as they offer a sleek look that can elevate your bathroom's setting. Tempered glass panels ensure that the shower doors and enclosure last long. 

Glass tabletops

Glass tabletops need to be able to bear weight and not break easily. The structural integrity of tempered glass makes it perfect for making glass tabletops of top quality.

Tempered glass panels are made by heating the glass to its softening point and then cooling it rapidly. This process strengthens the glass and makes it more resistant to thermal stress. It also creates a surface that is much less likely to break into sharp shards if it is impacted.

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