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Shower doors and enclosures are typically made of glass to add a touch of openness and light to a small bathroom space. Almost all of these doors are custom-made to fit the given space. Since they are tempered and can’t be cut or reshaped in any way after treatment, installations of custom glass shower doors are best done after all the tiles have been set.

Tempered glass panels are a type of safety glass produced through controlled chemical and thermal treatments to increase its strength well above that of normal glass. The process puts the outer surfaces of the glass into compression and the inner ones into tension. 

Our in-house design team can provide consultations and artistic design ideas, as well as technical expertise on materials and equipment. Whether it’s a simple pattern or an intricate design, we are here to help you make the bathroom of your dreams for your Toronto home!

Glass fabrication is quite a fascinating process and it’s done in one of two ways, glass blowing and float glass. The former is used in producing containers and bottles while the latter technique makes sheet glass. In the fabrication of containers, the method is three fold: batch house, cold end and hot end. Here is a quick breakdown from the experts at All Team Glass!

Due to its resistance and versatility, the demand for safety glass is constantly increasing.