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January 31, 2022
A stylish and sleek bathroom is an extension of a well-planned home. Interior designers and homeowners pay attention to the design of the bathroom to ensure the decor of the house does not feel incomplete. In today's time, there are many additions you can make to the bathroom to make it stylish and better in terms of utility. Glass shower doors are an excellent addition for those looking to spruce up the bathrooms at their home. They are a perfect replacement for shower curtains and are aesthetically pleasing. However, if you are worried about shower doors not blending in with the rest of your bathroom setting, you can go for custom glass shower doors.   This blog lists the benefits of going for custom glass shower doors.   Design of your choice One of the significant benefits of going for customized shower doors is that you can pick the design of your choice. Skilled glass fabricators can help design the glass door of your preference, irrespective of its complexity. In addition, a simple internet search can give you inspiration for glass shower doors if you do not have a design of your own.  Thickness Each bathroom is different than the other in respect of the available space. Therefore, it is imperative to understand that the thickness of the glass shower door is determined based on the available space. Glass fabricators can make customized glass doors of varying size that does not take more space than needed.  Durability Custom glass shower doors are way more durable than shower curtains. Most glass doors are made using tempered glass known for its strength. Once you invest in getting a custom glass shower door, you can be assured of its durability as it demands minimal maintenance. You can rely on All Team Glass & Mirror for the best custom glass shower doors. We are a dependable name in the glass fabrication industry. Get in touch with us today to learn about everything we can do for you.
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The Preferred Applications of Tempered Glass Panels
March 02, 2021
Among the different kinds of safety glass, tempered glass panels have been the primary choice for construction and manufacturing projects due to its durability and high resistance to heat and corrosion. Better yet, they do not pose a threat for potential danger or injury once they break as they won’t have sharp edges. Hence, they are used for various applications and you can see them almost everywhere.   There are plenty of popular applications when it comes to tempered glass.    A common application is in the construction industry where the primary use of tempered glass panels is to guarantee the safety of everyone. This is why regulations pertaining to the construction industry specifically identify the use of safety glass in constructing residential and business premises. In houses, tempered glass is preferably used as a frameless glass door or sliding door for great protection. It’s also the preferred material for making exterior windows due to its durability. Virtually all glass facade homes use this type of glass, ensuring optimum safety.     Another popular application of tempered glass panels is for automotive windows. The introduction of this material to this industry has been associated with saving lives. Due to its special property of breaking into small, non-lethal fragments, the panels are widely used as vehicle windows, especially on the rear and side. Their use has been highly attributed to fewer traffic accidents and reduced health hazards of broken glass shards.       In addition to its great strength, tempered glass is also scratch-free, making them a perfect material for computer and laptop monitor screens. Though it’s not very likely that you will break the monitor of your computer, you may encounter it with your smartphone. Thus, many smartphone manufacturers are using tempered glass for a durable and scratch-free screen. This same principle applies to the use of this glass material in making home appliances such as the case with ovens in which glass is largely used.    If you’re looking for a tempered glass manufacturer, All Team Glass produces the finest quality of glass products to meet your business’s needs. Contact us today to learn about our unbeatable quality!   
4 Reasons Why You Should Choose Custom Glass Shower Doors
February 22, 2021
Whether you're renovating for property resale or simply redecorating to customise your house to your liking, upgrading your bathroom with custom glass shower doors is likely to have crossed your mind. If you choose to go ahead with this idea, you will not only be adding to your bathroom’s elegance but also to its functionality. If you’re still on the fence, here are four great benefits that glass shower doors offer. Quality Results With Affordable Prices Custom glass shower doors aren't too expensive as some homemaking and renovating shows make them be. For example, All Team Glass offers customised glass shower doors inexpensively. However, cheaper than the market price doesn't mean you compromise on the quality of glass and its fittings. You will still receive quality products from highly dependable manufacturers. Impressive Flow of Light The flow of light is essential for any bathroom. White light - the recommended and typical lighting form - reveals plenty of your bathroom's details. Having multiple light sources makes visibility constant. However, with a smooth light flow, you can get great lighting without disrupting the relaxed vibe, which is easily achievable with glass shower doors.   Visually Larger Bathroom Space To make small rooms appear bigger, you can use mirrors. Glass doors in the shower can help you achieve the same result with your bathroom. Typical, non-transparent shower doors and shower curtains can limit your room visibility. Custom shower doors that are transparent help create a larger-than-life bathroom setting.  Easy to Clean and Maintain With fewer tiles to worry about thanks to your glass shower doors which are like transparent glass bathroom walls, you'll have less mould and grime. Glass requires stain cleaning similar to dining glassware, which is easier to maintain than having to get rid of mould and dirt. Get the Best Shower Doors If you are yet to find a reliable supplier of custom glass shower doors, you can always count on us at All Team Glass to help you with all your needs. Contact us today to learn more about everything that we can achieve together.
Two Types of Safety Glass used in Automobiles
February 16, 2021
5 Industries with High Demand for Tempered Glass in Toronto
February 08, 2021
The demand for tempered glass in Toronto is higher than ever. The city is a melting pot of many industrial businesses that use tempered glass as one of their main manufacturing materials.   Although a very common material in the market today, many consumers might still be surprised by the following five industries that often use tempered glass.   Retail and Displays Especially common in shopping malls and storefronts, tempered glass is used primarily due to its protective qualities. Tougher than annealed glass, tempered glass is able to withstand more physical impact which means retail displays and storefront windows are more secure. If the tempered glass was to break, it shattered into tiny granules rather than breaking into large shards of glass. This is why the retail industry uses tempered glass in Toronto.   Vehicles Another common industry that uses tempered glass is the auto industry. A car uses two types of glass for its windows. In the front and back windshields, reinforced with a layer of plastic, laminated glass is used to prevent shattering. The side windows use tempered glass so, in the case of emergencies, they can be shattered so the passengers can leave the vehicle.   Kitchen Appliances If you go to your kitchen right now, you may discover your electric cooktop and oven doors are fitted with tempered glass. Refrigerators will often have tempered glass shelves to withstand storage weight.   Smartphones and Computers The screen on smartphones is not made of tempered glass. However, there are businesses that create screen protectors made of thin sheets of tempered glass. Desktop computer cases may also use tempered glass as a side panel allowing the interior hardware to be visible.   Athletic Facilities Modern athletic facilities and community centers are now commonly designed with tempered glass walls and railings. Mainly for aesthetic reasons, tempered glass is still able to function just as well as traditional materials.   Looking to use tempered glass in Toronto? You can always count on us at All Team Glass. With decades of experience providing the highest-quality glass products and fabrication services, we can surely meet your expectations. Contact us today to learn more.
The Power of Water Jet Cutting
February 01, 2021
In material processing and other industrial manufacturing, water jet cutting is a relatively new process. Instead of using traditional saw blades, water jets are infused with abrasive granules, continuously streaming out of a nozzle at extremely high pressures, enabling the water to deliver the granules at high speeds with precision. Water jet cutting services have been provided for customers as a way to increase efficiency as well as maintain high-quality cutting as well as a reduced impact on the environment.   Depending on the specific service you need, there are two kinds of water jet technology.   The technology works following a simple cutting principle and process. First, a highly pressurized pump is used to generate a stream of water with extremely high pressures ranging up to tens of thousands of psi, up to 94,000. You can think of this pressure level as more than 90 thousand times more than a single fire hose containing a pressure of over a thousand psi. The next step of the water jet cutting service is converting the high pressure into velocity. This is done by using a tiny jewel orifice that creates a very thin stream of water, as small and thin as a human hair that can cut through most materials.   In addition, in order to further increase the cutting power of waterjet, an abrasive is also used, such as garnet or any other abrasive, that is being pulled into the water stream. As both these media exit the cutting head of the machine, they do at about 4 times the speed of sound which makes them steel more than 1 foot thick. If the material you have to cut is rather soft, then pure water jet cutting service might be enough. Conversely, for hard materials such as stone, composite, and metal, an abrasive waterjet is a better option.   If you are looking for a high-quality cutting service for glass, contact us today at All Team Glass to learn more.  
Decorative Sandblasting: Achieving the Design You Uniquely Want
January 27, 2021
Sandblasting is commonly associated with the process of preparing industrial products for finishing and coating purposes.    Decorative sandblasting involves subjecting a glass sheet to the abrasive action of sand that is projected by a jet of compressed air. With the impact of the blasting, the transparent and smooth surface of the glass sheet turns rough and opaque. The process can also be done only in specific parts of the surface of the sheet, creating decorative results of great visual effects.   Sandblasted glass, while losing their transparency, can still let the light pass through them. This makes them very helpful in contemporary interior design applications to create an extremely unique and attractive design element. In fact, decorative sandblasting is the most effective way you can give your glass or mirror panels an elegant look. Moreover, designs for your sandblasted glass also vary either with a frosted background or the negative effect, or frosted pattern or the positive pattern. The design is produced with the help of computer design software to give you the best possible results.    It is also possible to hand cut the design to achieve traditional authenticity as multi-level decorative sandblasting can add a beautiful 3D appeal to your glass. The process can also be done on other materials like metals and wood. In terms of other alternatives, a film made from vinyl can also be applied to the glass panels that resemble the design you want to achieve. However, the results can’t match that of the sandblasting with all the details in high accuracy and depth.    The texture that sandblasted decorative glass offers is also unmatched. You can achieve any feeling you want to give to space where you will have the decorative item be installed. Ultimately, you can have that decorative piece stay for as long as you want and it is durable and can last a lifetime.   If you’re looking to add a unique and decorative touch to your glass, contact us at All Team Glass to learn about what our team of experts can do for you!  
Highly Versatile Glass For Modern Buildings
January 20, 2021
The performance of laminated safety glass in any structural application largely depends on geometric properties like its composition, aspect ratio, and slenderness. Its structural behaviour is further enhanced with the application of heat strengthening and the tempering to its components. Moreover, the incorporation of high performance coatings, as well as solar control features, make the composite material ideal to use in energy-efficient buildings. This type of glass is perfect for uses in places with warm climates. And finally, there is a wide range of different glass types to choose from, providing various design palettes.    Apart from its safety features, the versatility of laminated safety glass has been widely recognized.   It can be used even in applications where strength is required and can still be provided with either toughened or strengthened components. It can be manufactured for almost all applications to offer protection against ultraviolet rays, solar control, impact, as well as against theft and burglary. Additionally, this glass can be combined with insulating glass and is also applicable for structural glazing. It is indeed a highly versatile material which offers latent integrity and strength.    With the development of advanced computing facilities, the stress analysis of laminated safety glass is subjected to lateral loading becomes easily accessible to engineers. This results in the elimination of the need for the correction pressure factors which are necessary for normal annealed glass design charts. It also leads to the possibility of correct modeling of the effects of the pvb interlayer even at elevated temperatures.    This glass provides solutions to many needs for glass when it comes to meeting design and application requirements. It comes in different composition and thicknesses, offering a great solution to a wide array of uses in modern buildings. If you’re interested in outfitting a building, or component of your home, All Team Glass has an experienced team that provides safety and dedication. Call us today to learn about our range of tempered glass products!  
3 Evolving Markets that Depend on Custom Etched Glass Services
January 13, 2021
You'll often see custom etched glass products sold when companies are looking to introduce branded material. There’s lots of instances when etched glass products appear in our lives, for example engraving the names of award winners on trophies that use all kinds of materials, such as stones or metal hybrids for hobbies, sports and even award shows. Glass etching is a service that's considerably necessary for many businesses and markets. However, these three are the most common uses of this customization practice.    Dining and Hospitality For restaurants that want their signature brand appeal, they can use custom etched glass services to create unique glassware. Furthermore, hotels and other hospitality establishments that impart souvenirs can use glass etching to imprint designs on functional glassware that customers can purchase. Glassware is an intimate part of enriching the dining and hospitality industry, which makes them a primary market for glass etching.   Graphic Art and Design Designers can create exceptional logos and designs for individuals, organizations, and companies that commission their artistic capabilities. However, artists and studios might have limited resources to finance custom etched glass machines and equipment. Dependable glass etchers, such as All Team Glass, have all the equipment they need to provide the high-quality results their clients expect. In doing so, graphic artists and designers always have a glass etching company in their back pocket.   Schools and Sports Organisations Award-giving organizations are a high number of glass etching service customers. Most schools want their trophies and medals to look unique with exceptional glass imprints. Sports organizations with specialized awards need custom glass etching that highlight their team aesthetics, such as their logo and colours.   It's Easy to Find the Best Glass Etching Services Near You If you have yet to find an exceptional glass etching company to work with, you can count on All Team Glass to provide you with the best services. Contact us today to learn more about our customization and glass services!  
What to Look for in Glass Shower Doors
January 06, 2021
Glass shower doors in Toronto are a popular bathroom material for most homeowners because of their functionality and pleasant aesthetic.   When it comes to the look of glass, there are plenty of different textures and patterns you can choose from such as clear glass, cast glass, frosted or acid-etched glass, patterned or coloured glass.   If you often share your bathroom, a privacy glass that is heavily textured or frosted is a perfect choice. Other crucial considerations to make in selecting the right glass shower doors for your Toronto home are glass material type, thickness and protection.    When it comes to improved safety and durability, tempered glass is a more suitable option than the annealed glass option. It has been utilized on shower doors for decades now because it resolves the key issue of personal safety during a shower. It can also be operated as a swinging or sliding door, and even as a wall in a shower enclosure as it does not easily break. Conversely, if you prefer to have an extra safety precaution, laminated glass is a better choice because it’s not likely to cause serious injury in case of accidental glass breakage. Laminated glass shower doors in Toronto may look like normal glass but they are actually made of two sheets bonded to a central layer of clear vinyl. Once it breaks, the fractured pieces remain intact because they still adhere to the vinyl.    In terms of how the glass can be protected from harmful or corrosive elements, it’s very essential to extend the service life of the glass. Glass protection is a great option if you want to reduce maintenance. There are various techniques to treat and protect the sealed surfaces of the glass. However, if you are on a budget, glass shower doors can also be treated with a high-end sealant which is applied after manufacturing. This can protect the glass from most stains and chemical corrosion.   If you’re looking to renovate your bathroom we at All Team Glass have the capability to design and manufacture a full range of glass shower enclosures. Indulge in the space you’re in everyday and contact us today to learn about our variety of styles and services!  
Tempered Glass Panels and Why it is Used Today
December 22, 2020
Tempered glass panels are being used more often in residential homes today. Not only does it provide an aesthetic that is common in modern architecture and interior design, it is also the material of choice due to its physical properties.   It is a stronger and more secure option, opening a wider range of applications compared to regular glass.    What are Tempered Glass Panels Tempered glass is produced by treating annealed glass with heat or chemicals, effectively increasing the compressive surface stress of the glass and therefore becoming stronger and more brittle. Increasing the stress in the glass also allows it to completely shatter into smaller chunks on impact rather than larger shards like regular annealed glass. This is why tempered glass is often used with safety in mind. Light and Security Glass is a great material to use in modern homes. It provides your living area with more light exposure through the larger windows often designed in modern homes, reducing the need to turn on the lights when the sun is out. Annealed glass is often replaced with tempered glass to increase the security of a home due to its increased strength and resistance to impact. Design and Applications In a minimalistic home, you will often find tempered glass panels used for railings, doors, stairs, and in some furniture and appliances. Bathrooms will often have tempered glass doors replacing curtains, which will be easier to clean. Glass stairs and railings will often be a design option for homeowners as tempered glass is stronger and is able to hold a greater amount of weight than regular glass. Desks, tables, and cabinets can also use tempered glass as part of its structure for increased strength and a minimal aesthetic. Electric stovetops also use tempered glass due to its heat resistance while allowing sufficient heat to transfer through the glass. As a leader in custom glass fabrication and with over 40 years of experience, All Team Glass produces the finest glass and mirror products that meet every client’s specific needs. Contact us today to learn more about our services.
What Makes A Great Architectural Glass Fabricator?
December 21, 2020
Architectural glass is an essential part of any construction and property work. Top-quality glass delivers exceptional insulation and UV protection. Additionally, they're virtually indestructible because of their tempered nature. You'll want to work with greatly-dependable glass fabricators to get the best results for your projects.   Here is what sets apart a fabrication company from others:   Uses the Latest Technology Glass is a delicate material, especially before getting tempered. Therefore, it's crucial to work with architectural glass fabricators that use state-of-the-art technology in all their works. New technologies simplify and automate each manufacturing process. In doing so, employees commit zero errors, producing top-grade, durable, and precisely-manufactured glass for construction and other purposes.    Decades of Experience in the Industry Experience is a challenging yet rewarding teacher. Top-quality architectural glass manufacturers, such as All Team Glass, recognise the value of experience. Dependable glass manufacturers only work with experienced and proven individuals who are highly skilled. By working with them, you can be sure that you'll always have the best results for all your projects.    Provides a Wide Selection of Glass Variations and Reinforcements Architectural tempered glass is a need for virtually every construction project. However, glass manufacturing is in high demand in various industries. Therefore, a top-tier manufacturer will provide a wide variety of glass suitable for use as mirrors, safety glass, stylish glass etching, bent variations, and more.   Guaranteed Quality and Passion for Providing Their Services When you work with reliable manufacturers, you can be sure they give their best effort during production. Furthermore, they'll always make it a point to assist you with installations and post-installation checks if you allow them.   You Won't Need to Look Far To Find A Reliable Manufacturer All Team Glass is the best manufacturer of architectural tempered glass. We work with only the best glass manufacturing professionals and top-quality equipment available in the industry. Contact us today to learn more about everything that we can do for you. 
Different Safety Glass and Their Physical Properties
December 15, 2020
Safety glass is much more durable than the regular glass used for lesser applications. It is a thicker material that offers high resistance to physical impact while maintaining a similar transparent aesthetic to that of regular glass.   Common modern-day applications include kitchen appliances, automotive parts, retail fixtures, railings, countertops, solar panels, and much more.   Safety glass can come in a variety of options including tempered glass, laminated glass, and bulletproof glass. Tempered glass is the most widely used of the three options. It is produced by heat-treating annealed glass panels in an oven effectively strengthening the glass. Unlike regular glass, when tempered glass succumbs to physical pressure, the entire panel shatters instead of leaving sharp jagged edges, therefore lowering chances of injury. Due to these physical properties, tempered glass is in high demand for daily applications including passenger vehicle windows, shower doors, tables, and countertops, as well as a component to bulletproof glass.   Laminated glass is created by adhering multiple layers of glass together, with a thin vinyl layer in between each slab of glass, offering protective qualities that make it resistant to shattering upon impact. This makes laminated glass the preferred option for car windshields and retail windows and doors, and glass railing panels.   Armored glass, otherwise commonly known as bulletproof glass, is a combination of multiple types of glass. As the name suggests, this glass is the durable option of safety glass offering the most protective qualities. It takes the physical properties of tempered glass to resist highly focused impact, distributing pressure throughout the panel by minimizing shatter points in small regions around the impact. The use of lamination in armored glass will allow for multiple thick layers of glass as well as maintaining the glass barrier without shattering upon heavy impact.   If you are looking for expertise in tempered and laminated glass in Toronto, All Team Glass has been an industry leader in custom glass fabrication since 1975. Contact us today for all your custom glass options.    
4 Distinct Advantages of Architectural Glass in Buildings
December 02, 2020
Glass has become a popular and important construction material for many different kinds of buildings. Truthfully, architectural glass has been around for decades. It continues to dominate with its exceptional aesthetic and top-notch performance thanks to high-quality manufacturing practices. Today, modern buildings all have impressive glass facades as part of their most recognizable feature.   Here are four distinct advantages of using glass in structures:   Adds Beauty to Otherwise Mundane Buildings Brutalist architecture is beautiful, but buildings with architectural glass make for excellent contrasts. Beautifully-shaped architectural window and door glass give buildings a distinct characteristic, making them memorable and timeless. Glass can become a powerful centerpiece in any property.   Natural Light That Lowers Bills and Improves Mood Sunlight nourishes human perception and moods, aside from providing Vitamin D. With the right coatings, architectural glass can also filter out UV rays while letting natural sunlight inside properties, achieving beautiful lighting without extra costs. By using low-output lights only during nighttime, a property can save a lot in electricity bills.   Completely Recyclable and Non-Degrading Glass is a 100% recyclable material that does not degrade. It does not decompose or have altered or diminished capacities or characteristics once melted and re-sculpted. In doing so, you can rest assured that your building, if it uses glass, has utilized more sustainable materials.   Efficient Insulator Window and door glass have double and triple-glazed variations, disallowing outside temperatures from influencing the inside temperature of the property. As they are able to achieve excellent insulation, glass windows and doors have now become a staple in architecture.    Get the Best Glass From Renowned Manufacturers With long-term experience, state-of-the-art fabrication technology, and dependable employees, All Team Glass is confident in handling all your glass needs. We can create mirrors, safety glass, and architectural pieces for any property. Contact us today to learn more about our products and services.
Top 3 Criteria for Choosing Glass Shower Doors
November 23, 2020
Because of their functionality and aesthetics, glass shower doors in Toronto have become popular for many homeowners. In terms of appearance, they come in different textures and looks such as coloured, patterned, clear, frosted, acid-etched, or cast glass. If your bathroom is shared, a privacy glass that is heavily textured or frosted would be a perfect option for you. Other essential factors to take into account when choosing glass shower doors include glass material type, thickness, and protection. Each of these criteria will be discussed below.    Glass type: tempered or laminated? If you prefer safety and durability, tempered glass is a good choice compared to annealed glass. This glass material is the one that is most commonly used for glass shower doors in Toronto. These shower doors can either be sliding or swinging. Either way, they don’t easily break. If you need to have extra safety precautions, a laminated shower glass door is perfect as it can minimize the risk of serious injury in case of accidents. Due to its exceptional strength, the broken pieces remain intact once it fractures.    Material thickness: how thick the glass will be? Glass shower doors in Toronto are made with a varying thickness which is somewhat dictated by whether it’s a framed, semi-frameless, or frameless unit. The thickest of them is perfect for the frameless style glass whereas the thinner glass is great to be used in framed units for more structural support that safeguards vulnerable corners of the tempered glass.     Protection: how will the glass be protected? Protecting the glass from harmful or corrosive chemicals is crucial to prolonging its life. Glass protection is also helpful in order to reduce maintenance. Ion-beam technology is one of the techniques to treat and permanently protect the sealed surface of the glass. If you have a restrictive budget, glass shower doors in Toronto can also be treated with a high-end sealant that is applied after manufacturing. It can protect the glass from stains and corrosion.   For all your glass needs, be sure to contact us at All Team Glass!  
4 Critical Uses of Tempered Glass Panels
November 18, 2020
Basic glass products can be brittle and weak. When they break, they typically shatter into small, sharp pieces that are dangerous. This is why a different type of glass needed to be developed for applications that require more strength and safety. Tempered glass panels have reinforced, hardened materials that take typical brittle glass to the next level.   Here are four applications of tempered glass panels:   Heat Resistance Manufacturers of excellent drinking glasses use a typical glass that cannot resist high levels of heat. However, tempered glass panels, which oven, stove, and kitchen appliance manufacturers use in their appliances extensively, can resist higher heat levels. In doing so, they become crucial components of not just residential appliances, but also industrial-level kitchen equipment.   Vehicle Protection as Windows Almost all vehicles nowadays use tempered glass panels as windows. Reinforced vehicle windows can withstand a hammer's impact. Windshields have double the density of typical tempered glass for added driver and passenger protection. Furthermore, if the glass is impacted to hard that it shatters, its pieces will stay together rather than fall into sharp pieces.   Retail Store Displays Countertops, display corners, and shop fronts use tempered glass for optimal protection. In doing so, shops can display and advertise their goods without fear of somebody attempting to break in quickly. Furthermore, top-quality tempered glass, such as those that All Team Glass manufactures, provides complete-sealing insulation.    Laptops and Smartphones Smartphones, laptops, and other LCD devices nowadays have reinforced glass, which can withstand significant impact. Truthfully, they might add to device production cost, but their benefits are undeniably worth the added price.    If you have yet to find a dependable glass manufacturer, you can always count on All Team Glass to deliver what you need. With decades of collective experience in the industry and top-grade glass manufacturing equipment and facilities, we're confident that we can deliver everything that you need. Contact us today to learn more about our products and services!
Different Options for Architectural Glass
November 10, 2020
From trendy and clean to ornate and complex, architectural glass can come in many different styles and types. In the past, the use of glass was limited to practical applications in terms of windows. However, as architecture continued to advance, glass has been put to more creative uses and is mixed with other materials to offer solutions that were not possible before. Today, this type of glass is known as architectural glass. It can be used to make floors, walls, and ceilings.   In terms of options and surfaces, there are various types of glass available in the market:   One of the features you can add to architectural glass is etching. You can create custom designs on your glass which can be seen from both sides. Etched glass is typically used for doors, as the ornate design stands out more.   One more important factor to consider when planning to use architectural glass is to have the right kind of edging for the product. The edges of the glass have to be polished which means that their corners will be processed. This process will remove any imperfections on the glass edge, resulting in smooth beveling that can be made into varying styles.   Also, you can have either rounded edges or sharp corners. Whatever your choice is, the final look of your glass product will be largely determined by the length of the cut edge or its thickness. In case you want to have your glass laminated, there are also different options when it comes the types of lamination you can use. There are strength-enhancing laminations as well as ones that are meant for specific weather conditions. It’s critical to have any drills or cuts be done prior to the lamination. Otherwise, it won’t be possible to do so afterwards.   Whatever your specifications are, you can bet that the fabrication team at All Team Glass can get it done. Just get in touch with us to learn more about your options!    
3 Undeniable Advantages of Water Jet Cutting
November 04, 2020
There are a wide variety of uses for water in industrial settings. For instance, a water jet cutting service can efficiently cut shapes and parts as precisely as mechanical and laser cutters. Water jet cutters introduce a powerful approach to traditional pressurised water applications using a pump capable of delivering 4,000 bar water pressure.   As such, it is popularly use in many manufacturing plants, specifically for glass cutters and fabricators.   Water Can Cut Through Almost Every Material 4,000 bar water pressure is capable of cutting through almost every material. Aerospace and vehicle manufacturers utilize water jet cutting services to cut and shape many materials. Jet cutters can process steels, alloys, titanium, and other essential metals for frame and parts manufacturing. It may sound unbelievable to use water to cut such sturdy objects, but the results speak for themselves.   Precision, Uncontaminated Cutting Water jet cutting provides regular, detail-oriented nozzle maintenance. This component makes it possible to cut accurately and allow the passage of cutting abrasives, which refine and cut materials to basic shapes and sizes. In doing so, nozzles of water jet cutters provide precise, uncontaminated, and flawless cutting results.    Highly-Accurate Cutting Tables Well-maintained cutting tables ensure the full accuracy of all cutting and shaping procedures. Furthermore, their superior locking capabilities guarantee the precise duplication of processes for materials that require identical processing.    Glass Manufacturers Only Use the Best Water Jet Cutting Technologies and Methodologies Water jet cutting provides the best alternative to traditional and laser cutting services thanks to its cold cutting process. In doing so, it prevents any possible melting, tearing, or deformation on workpieces.   If you are looking for glass fabrication services, it helps to work with reliable, professional water jet cutters for all your needs. We at All Team Glass have long-term, qualified experience to provide you with the best jet cutting services. Contact us today to learn more.
Architectural Glass Through the Ages
November 02, 2020
Whether it is energy efficient, laminated, toughened, clear or tinted, glass is a staple for modern architecture and is never overlooked when designing commercial and residential buildings.   Before it earned its great popularity  and accessibility these days, only wealthy people could really afford the lavish look that glass brings to a building. In particular, the earliest form of architectural glass was created for the most significant structures in Italy and was very expensive if used in building homes.    As glass production continued to grow increasingly in the ensuing years, glass doors and windows have remained to be exclusive for the rich to afford. Take for example the particular case in England wherein the more glass windows a home contained the more wealthy the owner was considered. This being the case, it’s quite unthinkable that there was a time before when people were taxed depending on the number of glass windows found in their homes. When this said tax policy was lifted, the price of architectural glass also dropped significantly to almost half the original cost.    With the advent and introduction of automated float glass manufacturing techniques, the addition of glass became widely available at a moderate cost but with the same high quality. This production method was utilized to make flat glass panes, in which molten glass was being poured into a thin bath for it to spread smoothly and flat. What further increased the manufacturing of architectural glass in history was the advancement in steelmaking.    Steel frames became the most commonly used material to support buildings. It meant that the walls could then be relieved of their load-bearing burden and be made entirely of glass, or popularly known as curtain walls. With this advancement, architects along with glaziers were pushing glass to its limits. Though glass material is very delicate, it can be strong and flexible, which makes the possibilities endless when it comes to its design.    If you’re interested in incorporating glass in a functional and beautifully unique way into your next building project, please contact us at All Team Glass to find out how we can make your design vision a reality.   
3 Astounding Qualities Any Top Glass Manufacturer Should Possess
October 21, 2020
Whether it's a commercial property glass covering or a home renovation project, finding the best glass manufacturer in your area is important. Reliable manufacturers, like All Team Glass, understand the complete needs of any project. They're not just trying to make a sale of their products and services -- they want to create a long-term relationship with you for all your project needs. Here are three exceptional qualities manufacturers should possess: Decades of Unparalleled Dedication to Perfection Any glass manufacturer recognizes its task is somewhere in between making art and developing long-term dependable and durable solutions for its clients. Most of them learn this through experience by applying theoretical knowledge. Therefore, if you work with companies that have vast experience such as All Team Glass, you'll have some of the finest custom glass services you need for all your projects. Environmentally-Conscious Procedures and Efforts Experienced and long-standing manufacturers will recognize that their work has environmentally hazardous elements. In turn, they will take initiative to use environmentally-friendly methods. To optimize and minimize their carbon footprint, manufacturers like All Team Glass use recycled glass, which guarantees excellent project results without compromising quality.  Offers a Wide Range of Options for Any Project Architectural glass manufacturers such as All Team Glass offer glass and When you'mirror products with a wide range of options that work for both interior and exterior applications. With decades of research and experience combined, our teams can produce top-quality products that are affordable and introduce extraordinary results for interior design, architectural exterior cladding, and more. It's Easy to Find a Reliable Glass Manufacturer Near You All Team Glass considers every small detail of your project needs, which will provide you the best solutions that will yield your intended results. With more than 30 years of experience, we can cater to your glass design ideas. Contact us today to learn more about what we can do for you!  
4 Real Scenarios Where Custom Glass Fabrication Adds More Value
October 15, 2020
Custom glass fabrication sounds expensive, however it doesn’t have to be if you’re going to the right service provider that will fit your needs, like All Team Glass. Modern manufacturers who care about the environment and optimising their budget use recycled glass to bring about exceptional glamour and style to properties.  Here are four scenarios where affordable custom glass can greatly increase value. Unique Glass Walls for Public Facilities Local tourism efforts will always need something new and exciting for foreign and local visitors. In cities, the normal public payphone corner or even pedestrian seats for resting can become unique by using custom glass fabrication to introduce an encasement or a glass sculpture for a seat. The possibilities are endless when partnering with experienced glass manufacturers. An Exterior Centrepiece  Just like how unique glass pieces can work for public facilities, exterior centrepieces can be transformative for commercial and industrial properties. If you need a powerful glass sculpture or an eye-catching piece that will greatly impress your clients, working with us at All Team Glass will make it easy to find an exterior centerpiece that is exciting and beautiful. Customised Shower Walls and Doors Home interiors can greatly benefit from custom shower doors. The additional relaxing glamour, thanks to the added stimulation of visuals, creates a radical shift in property aesthetics and overall property value. Most home remodelers use custom glass fabrication services to increase value in flipped properties. Any Architecturally Radical Idea If you have an outrageous idea for glass, we at All Team Glass are willing to hear about and manufacture it for you. With decades of experience handling some of the most difficult and intricate architectural glass projects, we guarantee exceptional results for all your needs. Contact us today at All Team Glass to learn more about everything we can do for you.  
Why you should choose water jet cutting services
October 08, 2020
A water jet cutter or a waterjet is an industrial tool that is able to cut through a wide variety of materials using an extremely high-pressure jet of water. Water jet cutting services are used to cut various materials that would otherwise have a difficultly with other procedures. Sometimes, the water has an abrasive added to it to help cutting hard materials like metal or granite.   The process is generally used to fabricate various parts of machines, especially when the materials being cut are sensitive to heat or high temperatures generated by other cutting methods. Waterjet cutting is used in various industries such as mining and aerospace for cutting, shaping and reaming.   When you opt for a water jet cutting service, here is what takes place.   Water is passed through a high-pressure pump and into a waterjet. The waterjet has a nozzle built to withstand the force and pressure exerted by the stream of water. This jet of water can measure up to Mach 3 or around 2,500 ft/s (760 m/s) which is approximately the same speed at which certain fighter jet planes fly. If the task requires an abrasive waterjet, then the process is slightly different. Just before the water escapes the nozzle, abrasive elements such as garnet and aluminium oxide are fed into the nozzle through an abrasive inlet. This abrasive then mixes with the water to create an even more effective cutting tool.   Benefits of using a water jet cutting service include an accuracy of down to 0.005 inches and repeatability down to 0.001 inches. Using a waterjet also reduces the amount of scrap metal left over after cutting due to its relatively low kerf. Since there is no heat generated when using a waterjet, it is the process of choice when dealing with heat-sensitive materials. This allows for highly accurate, sharp and waste-less cutting.
Amazing Structures Made of Glass
September 23, 2020
It is undeniable that one of the most remarkable building materials in the world is glass. With the amazing benefits it gives in terms of both support and aesthetics, it is unsurprising that it is utilized in building homes, offices, and any other kind of structure. Architectural glass, in particular, is of great interest to most interior designers and architects around the world. This is primarily because the material provides perfect access to natural light as well as plenty of customization options, while still being strong and stable.   More importantly, it offers the ability to blend interiors with exteriors and transform a structure into a thing of elegant and astonishing beauty.   Some of the breathtaking projects where architectural glass was excellently used include the following:   The National Centre for Performing Arts in China More popularly known as The Giant Egg, this amazing work of art incorporates intricate designs on glass with perfect symmetry. This massive structure is built to be iconic, which was a feat indeed achieved. A man-made lake surrounds the building, making the architectural glass and titanium stand out even more, creating a great vision that is not only beautiful but also out of this world.   Prada Store in Japan Jam-packed with fashionable structural elements, the Aoyama district in Tokyo, Japan becomes more striking both to locals and tourists because of one of its most astonishing buildings - the Prada Store. The store sports an eye-catching architectural glass facade with wonderful rhombus-shaped doors alongside elegant lighting. The whole building perfectly reflects the company’s glamorous brand.   The National Stadium in Taiwan Perhaps its unique dragon-shaped glass design is the building’s most distinctive element. But more than that, the stadium’s greatest wonder is its remarkable use of renewable energy through more than eight thousand solar panels that cover almost the entire roof of the structure. It allows the building to supply its own energy use, achieving more than 100% of its required consumption, with the surplus safely stored.   As you can see, architectural glass presents incredible aesthetic opportunities, both modern and classic. For all you glass fabrication needs, make sure to get in touch with All Team Glass!    
The 4 Popular Applications of Tempered Glass
September 21, 2020
When it comes to safety applications, tempered glass is the best way to go. It can be used in various ways in both industrial and commercial spaces. Tempered glass panels are perfect to use as replacement glass, shower enclosures, and so on. They have been the top choice of many users due to their durability and great resistance to heat. Moreover, they also do not pose a potential danger for injury when they break because they don’t have sharp edges. Hence, they are used for many applications and you can see them almost everywhere.   Here are the top three popular applications of tempered glass panels:   In the construction industry    The ultimate goal of using tempered glass is to ensure the safety. This is why regulations that pertain to the construction industry especially identify the use of safety glass in building both residential and business properties. In houses, tempered glass panels are commonly used as a frameless glass doors or sliding door for maximum protection. They are also the preferred material for creating exterior windows due to the material’s durability. Virtually all glass facade homes use this glass, ensuring safety.    In the automotive industry The frequent application of tempered glass for use in the automotive industry is largely attributed to saving lives. Because of the glass’s unique ability to shatter into small, non-lethal fragments, it is widely used as vehicle windshields. Its use has been also associated with fewer traffic incidents and reduced health hazards of broken glass shards.      In the computer industry Apart from their great strength, tempered glass panels are also scratch-free, making them a perfect material for computer and laptop monitor screens. While it’s not as likely that you will break the monitor of your laptop or desktop, you may encounter this problem with your mobile phone. As such, many smartphone manufacturers are utilizing tempered glass to make for a durable and scratch-free screen.       
4 Compelling Benefits Of Using Tempered Glass Panels In Your Property Projects
September 11, 2020
For many people, tempered glass panels are only thought of as the protective glass layer for smartphones. However, tempered glass can do so much more than protect electronics. It is commonly used in property projects as architectural glass for balcony and shower doors, swimming pools, and fencing.   Here are four great benefits to using tempered glass in property projects:   Stronger Than Normal Glass If annealed glass were to be damaged, even a small crack can cause an entire panel to turn brittle once vibrations start propagating the crack. However, due to its surface compression, tempered glass panels will contract and contain the cracked areas. In turn, it is genuinely physically stronger than annealed glass with a compressive stress of 10,000psi.    Explosion Proof The exceptional surface pressure on tempered glass panels can handle and deflect blunt objects travelling at high velocities. As such, it's powerful enough to withstand severe damage and may be able to shield any people or objects on the other side of the glass. Furthermore, if it should break, tempered panels break down into blunt pieces, which makes them less dangerous for passengers during an accident.   Exceptional Thermal Resistance Tempered glass is perfect for vehicle use because of its highly-exceptional thermal resistance. It is commonly implemented in window panels as well. Glass panels for vehicle and property windows go through a repeated cycle of heating and cooling. Such a process will damage standard annealed glass panels. However, tempered glass' surface compression keeps it intact despite the changing temperatures.   If you need exceptional glass panels for your projects, you can always count on us at All Team Glass to provide you with the best-tempered panels for vehicles or properties. With decades of glass manufacturing and fabrication experience, you can rest assured that everything we do meets or exceeds industry standards. Contact us today to learn more about our services and facility!
The Convenience and Versatility of Architectural Glass
September 09, 2020
Glass is everywhere in buildings, whether residential or commercial, small homes or large malls. With that said, not all glass types are the same. Glass that is used in windows is not the same as glass that is used in constructing enclosures. The latter is known as architectural glass, and is typically simply defined as glass that is used as a building material. It is most commonly used in building envelopes as well as internal partitions, with safety variations that are reinforced or laminated.   A Subtle but Additive Design Architectural glass is subtle. Thanks to its transparent, colourless, and background-oriented qualities, it has a subtle presence contributing to your overall interior design. Simplicity is the name of the game here. A simple partition can do wonders to open up a room and present a modern, sophisticated image. New-age interior design uses glass extensively as a replacement for woodwork and concrete. Durable, reinforced architectural glass makes it possible to use it as furniture, seats, and walls. For most restaurants, it's the perfect wall-style partition that does not occupy visual space but creates excellent rhythm and organization.    Protection and Insulation Safety-oriented and toughened glass can serve as a protective yet uncluttered window for your property. In many cases, life-sized ceiling-to-floor windows use reinforced glass to act as a support structure and protective barrier that does not hinder the viewer's line of sight. Furthermore, their laminated and seamless installation contributes to the property's overall insulation.    A Wide Variety of Glass to Choose From Architectural-oriented glasses have numerous versions that guarantee extensive physical protection and provide a substantial aesthetic boost. Reliable glass manufacturers, such as All Team Glass, only create the best decorative and protective glasses available.   With over 45 years of collective experience and service providing top-tier glass products, we at All Team Glass have full confidence to deliver the glass you need. Contact us today to learn more.
Why Safety Glass Is Very Strong and Durable
August 26, 2020
As a better alternative to standard glass which is commonly used for creating house windows and doors, safety glass is designed to reduce risks of injury during damage, thus offering much more security. It is commonly used in applications that demand increased protection or uses that are prone to physical harm. It was first developed in the early 20th century through celluloid polymers and adhesives. Since its introduction, it has become widespread in residential, commercial, and industrial applications.  What are the different types of glass available? The common forms of modern safety glass include tempered, laminated, and armed glass. Of these three types, the tempered glass, also known as toughened glass is the most widely used. It is a heat-treated glass material that is specially made for high strength and safe shattering. This kind of glass does not break into sharp edges. Rather, they shatter into small pebble-like pieces. The glass is processed through a tempering process that heats the glass to a very high temperature of between 1100°F and 1300°F.  Once the heat treating is done, the glass will be cooled down quickly using powerful drafts of cold air. Once it has cooled down, it hardens under the stress exerted onto its structure. The resulting glass is much stronger and  is capable of withstanding about five times the amount of force applied to break the untreated glass. The main drawback with safety glass, however, is that it’s quite difficult to manufacture as it should be cut or shaped prior to heat strengthening. Moreover, it is prone to break entirely from impact instead of leaving fragments intact.  Despite these cons, tempered glass is often used as the side and rear windows of automobiles because of its safe shattering qualities and high impact resistance. Likewise, it is also utilized in building doors, shower enclosures, mass transit windows, sliding doors, as well as large home appliances. Other types of this glass are also found in uncommon projects such as bullet-proof shielding and small-scale explosive blast protection. So, when you need tempered glass in Toronto, All Team Glass is the best place to look. All our products are produced in accordance with Canadian industry standards and tested in a third-party laboratory - this is to ensure you with durable and extra strong glass products for your complete safety.    
4 Compelling Benefits Of Using Tempered Glass Panels In Your Property Projects
August 12, 2020
For many people, tempered glass panels are additional protective glass layers for smartphones. Upon application, these exceptional panels that contain the smallest cracks provide the best protection for fragile smartphone touchscreens. However, tempered glass can do so much more than simply protect electronics. You can use it for balcony and shower doors, swimming pools, and public property. Here are four great benefits to using tempered glass.  Stronger than normal glass, annealed glass can have a small crack, which turns an entire panel brittle once vibrations start propagating the crack. However, due to its surface compression, tempered glass panels will contract and contain the cracked areas. In turn, it is genuinely physically stronger than annealed glass with a compressive stress of 10,000psi.  Explosion Proof The exceptional surface pressure on tempered glass panels can handle and deflect blunt objects travelling at high velocities. In turn, it's powerful enough to withstand something as big as an explosion and can shield anybody on the other side of the glass. Furthermore, if it should break, tempered panels break down into blunt pieces, which makes them less dangerous for passengers during an accident.  Exceptional Thermal Resistance Tempered glass is perfect for vehicle use because of its highly-exceptional thermal resistance. It sees comprehensive implementation as property window panels too. Glass panels for vehicle and property windows go through a repeated cycle of heating and cooling. In doing so, its contraction and expansion will damage standard annealed glass panels. However, tempered glass' surface compression keeps them intact despite the changing temperature.  A Great Number Of Exceptional Manufacturers If you need exceptional glass panels for your projects, you can always count on us at All Team Glass to provide you with the best-tempered panels for vehicles or properties.  You won't need to look far to find the best glass manufacturers -- Contact us today to learn more about everything that we can do for you!   
4 Ways to Customize Your Glass Shower Doors
July 21, 2020
Nothing says luxury and beauty more than getting your own elegant glass shower doors in Toronto. However, what has been "en vogue" in the last ten years might not be stylish and value-adding this year. If you are looking for ideas about boosting your interior aesthetics with glass shower doors, here are a few ideas that we've seen from home remodelers and other successful projects.   Go Frameless Aluminum, chrome-plated frames do look great. However, you can find these in virtually every home, making them look dull and typical. Thanks to technology and the advanced manufacturing of elegant glass shower doors in Toronto, homeowners can use frameless glass panels. These doors attach themselves to your wall to achieve an exceptional aesthetic effect, and remain sturdy and structurally sound.   Shower Enclosures Fiberglass is one of the best investments you can make for modern glass shower doors in Toronto. It is light enough that it can be used to build an entire shower enclosure that stands on your shower floor and attaches to your walls. Frosted and sandblasted variants are often available from high-quality manufacturers of custom shower doors, such as All Team Glass.   Hinged Enclosures When it comes to style and beauty, hinges are still beautiful -- as long as you use custom hinges designed for your glass shower doors and walls. A chrome or gold-plated hinge will bring out the beauty of white-walled and light-coloured bathrooms, adding pizzazz and grandeur to your bathroom.   Sliding Elegance Nothing feels more elegant than doors sliding silently, emitting no screeching sounds. Elegantly-sliding glass shower doors can help you achieve specific aesthetics, all while guaranteeing convenience and cleanliness.   If you have yet to find a dependable manufacturer, you can count on All Team Glass. With decades of experience in manufacturing glass shower doors, windows, and everything glass, you can rely on us to deliver exceptional results for all your projects. Contact us today.
4 Great Architectural Glass Panels to Use for Your Projects
July 07, 2020
Architectural glass panels are made to protect and insulate. They’re used widely in complex architectural buildings and structures, giving it structural integrity and aesthetic appeal. Property developers and construction companies benefit from establishing partnerships from suppliers of architectural glass.   If you're planning a new architectural project, here are some types of glass that you can use:   Laminated Glass Laminated glass is one of the stronger types of glass thanks to its dual layers of glass bonded together under intense heat and pressure. Interlayers such as PVB are normally used to bind two sheets together, adding to their strengths. The interlayer is meant to hold everything together, even in the event of breakage, so that the glass parts do not shatter and fall apart. Depending on the interlayer material, laminated glass can also be given additional soundproofing.   Tempered Glass Tempered glass is strengthened by getting heated to increase its surface compression. The higher the compression, the stronger the glass. Special procedures are undertaken to ensure that just the right amount of heating is applied so that it doesn’t break apart from becoming too brittle.   Insulating Glass This type of glass is normally used in windows to provide additional protection from sunlight and heat. The glass is enforced with glazing elements, providing both thermal insulation and noise reduction. Between the layers of glazing and the glass itself is a layer of gas. Depending on the type of gas contained in the glass, it can have energy conservation properties that help you save on utility costs.   On top of these varieties, you can also choose glass based on its aesthetic design. Some examples include glass blocks, prism glass, and crown glass, though these are generally considered to be more old school.   If you have yet to find an exceptional supplier of architectural glass, you can always count on us at All Team Glass to provide you with the best products and services. Contact us today to learn more about what we can do for you!
Keeping You Safe - Safety Glass
June 17, 2020
Broken glass can pose multiple physical hazards, especially if the broken glass is contaminated with blood, infectious substances, and toxins - all of which could enter the body through a cut or puncture wound.    Luckily, there exists a specific type of glass manufactured to limit the risk of harm: safety glass. Safety glass, also known as tempered glass, is a toughened glass made to be more durable, and fire-resistant. It also features a fail-safe shatter method that reduces the risk of bodily harm.    In today’s blog we delve into the ways in which safety glass works to keep you safe.   Increased Durability   Safety-type glass features increased durability - meaning it won’t shatter as easily as other types of glass. Heat strengthened glass is achieved when it is cooled at a much faster rate in comparison to conventional annealed glass. The slower cooling process effectively allows the glass to break safely by shattering into multiple small pieces instead of large jagged shards. When broken, heat-strengthened glass breaks into smaller pieces evenly through its sheeting to prevent injury.    Common Applications   The number one reason people choose safety-type glass is because of its ability to reduce the risk of potential injury from occurring. One such application that necessitates the use of this type of glass are in vehicles - where safety precautions are of the utmost importance.    When it comes to vehicle accidents, it is important for your car windows to limit the risk of further injury upon breaking. Safety-type glass is more durable and less likely to shatter upon impact - meaning you won’t have to worry about getting cut or injured should your windshield or passenger windows break.    Another common application of tempered glass is in retail. Jewelers and luxury fashion brands use tempered glass cases to reduce injury in the event that the glass case should break. Tempered glass would be able to protect staff, customers, and the merchandise from damage.  
3 Benefits of Water Jet Cutting
June 03, 2020
It shouldn’t be a surprise that cutting glass comes with its own set of challenges. Glass is produced when a mixture of sand and alkali metals are fused together at high temperatures. One of the largest challenges of cutting glass is that despite being a hard material, it is quite brittle. The brittle nature of glass can be observed upon it shattering as hundreds of glass fragments separate.    With brittleness hindering the structural integrity of glass workpieces, it can make us wonder “what methods can we use to effectively cut glass?”   Precision   Choosing water jet cutting services is one way to achieve clean, seamless cuts in glass. It is gentle enough so as to ensure that the glass does not break, but does not compromise on power. Water jets are also able to maintain precision when it comes to glass cuts. The high-powered stream of water is focused at a tiny focal point, which leaves smooth edges on cuts and leaves little impact on the rest of the workpiece.    No Vibrational Impact   Another added benefit of choosing water jet cutting services over other cutting technologies is that there is no vibration impact when performing cuts. Vibration that comes from the source of power or machine itself can impart damage to the glass workipiece - especially if the glass is less dense, and more brittle. The water jet simply deteriorates and erodes the glass material instead of grinding or chipping it away to achieve the cut.   A Seamless Edge    The water jet also does not leave heat or impart surface stresses onto the glass workpiece. This enables the glass workpiece to maintain its original appearance and strength, with little to zero finishing work needed. In most cases, the water jet’s cutting width enables any design to be cut seamlessly.   In need of quality water jet cutting services?   Look no further than All Team Glass for you water jet cutting needs. We are capable of achieving precise cuts for architectural glassworking applications. We work hard to achieve the results you’re looking for. Call us today to learn more about our services.   
The Process of Bent Glass
May 28, 2020
You may have noticed in more recent times, the use of different glass designs and shapes in both residential and commercial spaces. Known as bent glass, glass manufacturers produce it by heating and softening a sheet of glass, and then bend it into the desired shape. Once that process is done, it is then annealed and cooled.   It provides great aesthetic appeal and is used in many industries, including household appliances, furniture, bath, construction, and automotive.    The first step of the process is to cut the glass into the desired size. Glass manufacturers will then clean and polish the glass while a UV lamp is used to check for dust or impurities. This step is important as any unwanted particles can cause the glass to shatter or crack.  One method for creating bent glass is to use a steel mould that is shaped to the desired dimensions of the requested design. Often a mixture of detergent and calcium carbonate is used to prevent the glass from sticking to the mould. The mould and glass are then loaded into a furnace where the bending process takes place. The heat will loosen the bonds between silica molecules in the glass, causing it to soften and bend to the mould. Once this step is complete the glass is annealed and cooled for about two hours. There is also the use of a horizontal tempering machine with a bending furnace. Once the glass is heated and malleable, the glass is bent to its target radius. There are two options in this process. There is lengthwise bending where the glass is twisted into the direction in which the glass flows. There is also crosswise bending where the glass is bent crosswise across the glass flow. All Team Glass provides high-quality bent glass that looks aesthetically pleasing and is completely functional. As glass manufacturers, we employ state-of-the-art equipment and processes to accommodate a wide variety of glass shapes and forms. Contact us today to learn more about our services!   
The Role of Coatings in Glass Fabrication
May 21, 2020
Glass as a building material comes in various grades which can be enhanced through the innovations of different coating techniques. There are various options when it comes to glass coatings. They can be used to help minimize conductive heat loss or control solar heat gain or loss. They also offer easy maintenance of glass products and enhance material performance by filtering radiation, glare, and sound transmission.   They come in two primary types: low-emissivity coatings for energy efficiency and safety, and specialty coatings for enhanced performances.       Glass coatings can be done in two different ways. Online coating, otherwise known as hard coating or pyrolytic coating, is applied during the glass fabrication process where coatings become a durable part of the glass. It is applied before the glass has cooled and can be heat strengthened, toughened or laminated by vaporizing the chemical compound onto the glass.   The other method is called soft coating, also known as offline or vacuum coating which uses a cathodic vapour deposition process. It is added after the glass has been manufactured and cut. This type of coating is often used in double glazed units as it produces lower solar heat gain.    Meanwhile, specialized glass coatings offer great properties for special applications. In particular, conductive coatings are applied for frost-free windscreens and electro-optical applications. A relatively new type of special coating is liquid crystal glazing which can be done for added security or privacy.    One of the major concerns with coating is the extra cost it adds to the glass fabrication process, which all depends on the type you need for your project. However, the options with glass coatings are endless and the benefits will surely pay off in the long run.   If you need custom glass fabrication, trust All Team Glass. We are an architectural glass manufacturer and specialize in producing quality glass and mirror products since 1975. Contact us today to learn more about our products and services!  
Top 4 Popular Glass Shower Door Styles in Toronto
May 14, 2020
If you are looking to change up the entire look and function of your bathroom, installing new glass shower doors in Toronto might be the solution for you. There are endless options to choose from when it comes to the style and design of your shower enclosure, so you should carefully look through all of your options first. Before you can even choose between an etched or fogged glass design, you have to decide what specific door style you want first to ensure it will be compatible with the specific glass. With that in mind, here are the top four popular choices of door styles to choose from:   Standard bypass door This style works similar to a patio door that slides open and consists of two sliding panels. The door can slide on the tracks or mechanical rollers can be affixed to it to assist the sliding movement. Since the bypass door style requires no space for it to swing open, it makes it a more efficient option in terms of space compared to other glass shower doors in Toronto.   Hinged door This door style operates just like your usual door in other parts of your home and opens by swinging in one direction only. As it requires more space to swing open, it is usually used on the stand-alone shower stalls. It can be attached to a wall or a shower surround, or even on a stationary glass panel.   Pivot door With pivot door style, you have a swinging door that can be opened in either direction. It can swing 180 degrees, making it a popular option for modern curved glass shower doors.    Neo-angle door Glass shower doors in Toronto with neo-angle style are perfect for tiny bathrooms. They are space savers that open out in a neo-angle, cutting across into the room at a 90-degree angle. The door is placed on the center of two smaller side panels that run perpendicular to two side walls.  
The Various Kinds Of Materials Used in Water Jet Cutting
May 08, 2020
Water jet cutting is a highly effective process that produces clean cuts in many types of materials. As there is no heat involved, it is a perfect way to prevent heat damage and distortion while ensuring a smooth, clean cut. While many people would associate water jet cutting services with metal, there are many other different materials that can benefit from this kind of cutting technology. Here are the different materials that can be cut with a water jet:   Composites A wide variety of different materials such as reinforced plastics can be cut using a water jet. In fact, fiber-reinforced plastics can be cut quickly and efficiently with water jets, making them a great option for the fabrication of race cars and aerospace components. The same goes when using water jet cutting service for glass-reinforced plastics. It’s also beneficial to note that there is no need to change tooling and there is no release of toxic fumes during the process.    Steel and alloys Another remarkable advantage of water jet cutting is its great strength as it has the ability to cut steel. In fact, water jet cutting can be used on all grades of steel and can produce smooth edges without burn marks and other unwanted effects that heat-based cutting may produce. The absence of a heat affected zone allows this cutting method to be highly preferable in food processing and material handling parts.    Apart from steel, other metals like aluminum and titanium can benefit from this process because of its precision, reducing the amount of waste created during the cutting process. Moreover, beyond composites and metals, other materials like glass, stone, ceramics, rubber, wood, and concrete can also be cut. This makes water jet cutting perfect for shower glass doors, granite countertops, and architectural features.    If you have yet to find a water jet cutting service provider, contact All Team Glass today to learn more about what we can do for you.   
Custom Glass Shower Doors: Framed or Frameless?
April 29, 2020
If you have decided to go for custom glass shower doors instead of a curtain for your shower or bathtub, you still have to make the difficult decision of whether you want a framed or frameless door.  In general, both of these shower glass enclosures are popular alternatives to curtains as they are more effective at keeping water from splashing out, providing a more luxurious look, and are easier to maintain. Moreover, unlike shower curtains, they don’t draw in the cold air as you shower and don’t pose potential health problems caused by PVC liners. Now, to help you decide which option would you take as your custom glass shower doors, let’s differentiate the two shower enclosures.   Framed Shower Doors Typically, a framed shower glass door has metal frames for support and a structure that is installed against the shower wall and base. Compared with their frameless counterparts, the glass used in framed doors is thinner, ranging from 8mm to 19mm. Framed glass shower doors can also come in a sliding door option if you prefer that but will require more maintenance as water can get into the tracks and cause corrosion. If you still prefer framed shower doors but want a more modern look, then a semi-frameless door would be a perfect option for you. They have a partial metal frame for further support and expose at least one edge of the glass.    Frameless Shower Doors Frameless shower door enclosures are often comprised of a fixed panel and a rotating hinged panel. The fixed panel does not move and is often mounted with one or more brackets. Since they do not come with metal frames, frameless custom glass shower doors are made with thicker tempered safety glass. They get their support from installation mounts and metal hinges instead. Without the frame, these shower enclosures provide a much sleeker, transparent, and modern appeal. Better yet, they are easily customizable which makes them a perfect option if you have a unique shower space.  
Innovative Bent Glass
April 22, 2020
At All Team Glass, we employ a team of highly skilled personnel and craftsmen, as we strive to be a complete full customization and fabrication company. Our facility boasts state of the art equipment and machinery that lets us fulfill a wide array of tasks. When it comes to custom glass fabrication we make sure to provide top quality results every time. Artistic design solutions Our custom glass fabrication can create bent glass for your project, which can give you more freedom when it comes to artistic solutions or design innovations. In-place of flat panel glass where a curved structure is required, the customizable glass comes in as a handy design solution. Manufactured within our plant, all our glass is easily customizable, and below are lists of specifications to our bent glass offerings. Cylindrical Bends - Being able to offer a cylindrical radius bend, ideal for corner structures where a curved bend can offer excellent design solutions. One Dimensional bend - With our highly skilled craftsmen, we can offer design possibilities beyond flat panel designs. A one-dimensional glass bend can offer a unique approach to designs such as Jacuzzi or shower glass covers/dividers. Glass Thickness - Our manufacturing capabilities offer quite a wide range of glass thickness that covers multiple applications and requirements. We offer thickness from 3mm to 19mm. Minimum Size - We offer a minimum size of 12 inch by 12-inch glass when it comes to manufacturing and providing our quality glass. Maximum Size - Please inquire through our sales and design team for the maximum size we are capable of providing. Our bent glass offerings continue to flourish in applications such as architectural and residential applications, façade systems, shower enclosures, and many more. Our design team will be happy to help with all your custom glass fabrication needs. Call us today to learn more about what we can do for you!  
4 Areas in Your Home to use Decorative Sandblasting on Glass
April 16, 2020
In the final stages of its production, glass is smooth and transparent. Glass is often used for windows or walls for properties and vehicles if it has the right density. Many use decorative sandblasting to reduce the transparency of average glass, giving it a unique look that complements homes and properties in many ways.  Here are four areas in your home that will look great with decorative sandblasted glass: Bathroom Shower Doors Once the glass is treated, it becomes rough, opaque, and has an uneven surface that looks aesthetically pleasing. The sandblasted glass will look great on any shower doors, while still being opaque and functional. Exterior Glass Walls One of the greatest things about decorative sandblasting of glass is its ability to still let light pass through. Decorative sandblasting of thicker and highly dense glass removes its transparency, allowing it to have a clean and unique appeal. Rough and textured glass -- which manufacturers smooth to avoid sharp edges -- offer great interior light, exterior aesthetics, and unparalleled durability. Decorative Interior Walls There are a variety of ways decorative interior walls can be used. Restaurants can use sandblasted glass to their advantage by using the roughened glass as a bar backdrop. An interior centerpiece wall can use a decorative sandblasted glass combined with etches, which add to their overall interior aesthetic and dining ambiance. If it suits a homeowner's property, they can use the same decorative sandblasted glass as well.  Glass Structures Making small or big glass monuments for indoor or outdoor use will need a variation of texture. Some glass structures are significantly beautiful with smooth and transparent glass. However, a sandblasted glass structure has its respective appeal that may complement the interior or exterior vision you need. Work With Only Experienced and Dependable Sandblasters If you have yet to find dependable manufacturers, you can count on us at All Team Glass to provide you with quality results. Contact us today to learn more about everything that we can do for you!  
Tempered Glass Vs. Heat-Strengthened Glass
April 09, 2020
As the name suggests, safety glass is specially designed to be less prone to breakage and reduce the possibility of causing injury to people. It also refers to glass that is intended to be made for added strength and fire resistance. In general, it comes in two types: tempered glass and heat-strengthened glass.   The Tempered Glass   Also called toughened glass, tempered glass is made by heating the regular annealed glass evenly which is then cooled rapidly through the uniform blowing of air onto both sides of the glass at the same time, this a process called air quenching. This rapid cooling process is done to increase both the compression force and tension force on the surface and inside of the glass. This makes tempered glass four times stronger than its regular annealed glass counterpart of the same size and thickness. Tempered glass comes in various forms of thicknesses, ranging from 1/8" to 3/4". Tempering is known to increase the tensile strength of safety glass, making it more able to resist damaging forces due to harsh weather elements and impact. It is used in appliances such as ovens and stoves that are often exposed to high-temperature heat and it is also used in car windshields to prevent large shards of glass in case of an accident.   The Heat-Strengthened Glass This type of glass is created by putting an annealed glass under high heat and then cooling it at a slower rate which directly affects the strength of the glass. As such, stronger glass can be made by changing or modifying the rate of cooling. Once heat-strengthened glass breaks, it shatters into large, jagged pieces of glass, making it less qualified to being considered as safety glass. Since it has great thermal stress, it is usually used in high-rise buildings. Also, it is about twice as strong as regular annealed glass of the same size and thickness, making it more resistant to impacts.
Things to Consider For Your New Shower Enclosure
March 26, 2020
If you are ready to upgrade the look of your bathroom, installing a new glass shower door is a perfect way to freshen up its appearance and comfort level. If you’ve been thinking about this for a while, you’ve probably already looked at several different designs on the internet and made a list of the ones you like. However, installing a new shower enclosure is not as simple as just selecting a design and running with it.   There are a few things you need to consider before installing glass shower doors for your Toronto home.     1. Budget When it comes to any kind of renovation, the number one consideration is your budget. Deciding from the start how much you’re willing to spend will help your glass manufacturer provide you with the right options. The price of your shower doors also depends on how elaborate or simple the detail or style is. At All Team Glass, we specialize in various etching and sandblasting techniques to give our glass products the perfect finish and design. Make sure you consult with our sales representative closely.   2. Space Before acquiring glass shower doors for your Toronto home, make sure you’ve considered the impact of its static footprint in your bathroom. Does it go with the rest of the space? It is important to determine the specific type of enclosure that is perfect for your bathroom space. If you are already contented with the existing configuration of your bathroom, you can choose an enclosure that would fit just right in your current available space and work your way from there. Some of the various types of enclosure styles include the quadrant, square, framed, frameless, sliding, and hinged enclosures.   #3. Functionality and Traffic If there is one room that is used most often every day, it is the bathroom. This means you have to invest well in quality materials that can cope with constant use and high foot traffic. Make sure to choose glass shower doors that can resist wear and tear and that are convenient to use.   If you’re looking for glass shower doors in Toronto, you’ve come to the right place. Established in 1975, All Team Glass is a leader in custom glass fabrication. Call us today!  
The Making of Architectural Glass
March 19, 2020
There is no denying the many practical and aesthetic uses of glass. Since its invention, it has greatly benefitted manufacturing, architecture, art, and more. Its unique capability to let in natural sunlight while shielding us from the elements has given it its place in our society as a significant architectural material. Indeed, architectural glass is now the most prominent use of glass today, contributing to society’s fair share of architectural wonders and innovative art pieces.    It is believed that the first instance of glassmaking started in Mesopotamia around four millennia ago. This shows us that glassmaking has been around for a long time, and that humans were always drawn to glass’ abilities. Apparently, the need for glass’ unique applications has spanned thousands of years, throughout all sorts of different cultures and locations.   Today, architectural glass is manufactured and fabricated in facilities such as All Team Glass’ own in Woodbridge, Ontario.   Glass manufacturers use processes that have been modernized and built on from age-old techniques. Thanks to modern machinery and advanced techniques, we at All Team Glass are able to produce stronger products with more consistent quality at a faster rate. On top of that, we are also able to easily incorporate intricate designs into our glass products, all at consumer-friendly prices.   Different types of glass materials are used for different applications. It all depends on the additives that are added into the glass mixture in order to achieve specific properties. For instance, in the case of eyeglasses, barium, lead oxide, and lanthanum oxide are added to increase the glass’ refractive ability. Within architectural glass, there are different types of glass including cast glass, crown glass, cylinder glass, rolled plate glass, float glass, and more, all of which use different manufacturing processes.   Since the 1800s, mankind has been experimenting with using glass as a building material, to everyone’s delight and benefit. The aesthetic quality of the all-glass skyscrapers that define the skylines of the modern age cannot be denied. As new processes and compounds continue to be experimented with, we can look forward to newer and more efficient ways of using glass in the building process.  
The Many Uses of Tempered Glass Panels
March 12, 2020
Tempered glass panels are considered a must-have in most manufacturing and architectural projects. Their uses are widespread, providing great benefits to many different types of industries. The perfection of the tempering process has helped society advance to the point it has today, by making products stronger, safer, and more reliable. Considering the benefits, the process of tempering is truly a game-changer for society.   Here are just some of the many ways tempered glass panels are used in everyday products:   1. Vehicles Nowadays, every glass fixture in a vehicle has been optimized to have tempered properties. The most important glass fixture in a car is the windshield, which is typically the area of most concern when it comes to collisions, accidents, or even weather events. With tempered glass, the windshields no longer shatter into thousands of small, potentially lethal pieces. Instead, the glass simply cracks but maintains its shape.   2. Electronics In a much smaller size, tempered glass panels are also used in electronics. Laptop or monitor screen need to be tempered to ensure that accidents do not result in costly repairs or replacement. Nowadays, phone screen protectors are also tempered to make sure you get the most benefits out of the protector screen. These benefits not only include anti-shatter or anti-crack properties, but helps you avoid scratches.   3. Buildings In buildings that utilize a lot of glass architecture, it is crucial for them to only use glass materials that are tempered. Whether they are constructing windows, barriers, railings, or more, using glass that is not tempered can pose serious safety risks to the general public. Tempered glass is much stronger, can withstand more stress, and most importantly, will not shatter or break apart into many pieces. For these reasons, all contractors and builders must make sure they have a supply of good tempered glass for their projects.   For all your architectural glass needs, make sure to get in touch with All Team Glass. We have all kinds of glass products, including tempered ones.
Safety Glass for Kitchens
March 05, 2020
Safety glass is needed everywhere, from bathrooms to office buildings and more. One of the more overlooked places is the kitchen, where there are similar safety concerns to bathrooms. Measuring 4mm to 19mm in thickness, our safety glass panels are known for their durability and reliability, making them perfectly suitable for use in kitchens.   Considering many kitchens feature more cramped spaces than other parts of a home, it is imperative that the best safety precautions are undertaken to ensure that minor mishaps do not turn into costly accidents. Similarly to a bathroom, kitchens also require their inhabitants to interact closely with objects that may be more fragile or hard to use. Homeowners will certainly want to avoid the issue of shattering glass, fractures, cracks, and more in their kitchen.   On top of providing additional safety measures for your kitchen, safety glass can also be aesthetically pleasing and can help enhance the look and design of your kitchen.   Here are just some of the latest trends when it comes to glass fixtures in kitchens:   Cabinets – Glass cabinets provide two layers of benefits. One, by enhancing a more modernist or minimalist look for a kitchen, and two, by adding the functionality of allowing users to see inside the cabinet from outside. Islands – Homes that are opting for a more futuristic look will benefit from the sleek and stylish designs of glass islands. For an added touch, illuminating lights can be added underneath the glass. Partitions – Many modern homes feature a more open concept, using glass partitions and walls to create the illusion of bright, wide spaces. If you’re looking to get a partition between your kitchen and other areas of the home, make sure you use only the most high-quality glass.   At All Team Glass, we have a wide range of glass products and services including custom fabrication. Rest assured, whatever it is you need in terms of architectural or decorative glass, we will be able to provide it. Contact us today to learn more about our products!
Safety Glass: More than just a matter of safety
February 27, 2020
Instead of shattering into dangerous, jagged pieces, safety glass breaks into small, harmless fragments when struck.   The first methods of introducing safety glass was in 1909 with the use of celluloid as an interlayer between two sheets of ordinary glass. Down the road, the use of polyvinyl butyral was deemed to be more desirable in terms of safety properties.   In most cases, this type of glass is made in the modern era via one of the following two methods.   The first method involves laminating two sheets of ordinary glass using thin plastic as their interlayer. The second revolves around its construction through heat treatment – adding more strength to the glass sheets.   Of the two methods, the second is far more prevalent. Before we touch upon why, the basic premise involves tempering the glass at ~1200°F followed by a rapid cooling during the heat treatment technique. As for the reasons propelling this fabrication method into widespread usage? It imbues the safety glass with ample strength, making it ~6x stronger than ordinary glass and, once broken, shatters into dull, unpointed granules.   Adaptability Safety is typically at the heart of why this type of glass sits at the top of the list of choices for most modern building enclosures. However, safety features aside, there also exist its desirable properties of radiant energy transfer and conductive heat transfer - key considerations in the design of many commercial buildings.   To add to these benefits, unlike other transparent materials common in low-rise residential buildings, this toughened glass is very important for establishments looking to feature a fully controlled atmosphere. In fact, the glass is ideal for double glazing and can minimize heat transfer and reduce condensation from forming on the glass. What’s more, property owners can further reduce light transmission by considering implementing tinting into the glass in different colours, such as grey or bronze.   So, if you think that your application can benefit from the use of this type of glass to surround your commercial space or provide protection in your home, get in touch with us at All Team Glass to discuss your potential options!
3 Tips for Your Next Bathroom Upgrade
February 19, 2020
Many of us don’t take our bathrooms seriously – but in truth, your home bathroom should be your own little sanctuary. As the place in which we begin and end our work days, it is the space where we should be able to seamlessly get ready for the day ahead, while simultaneously being the place we look forward to taking a well-deserved hot shower after a long, tough day.   The bathroom should be functional by design, yet comforting in its quality. From custom glass shower doors to maximizing storage cabinetry space, the bathroom is truly what you make it. For those of you looking to elevate your next bathroom upgrade, we have a few tips to ensuring both functionality and comfort in your everyday.   Reflect Your Personal Style   Popular interior design mags and television shows might tell you that your bathroom needs to look and feel a certain way in order for it to be “cool” and “contemporary”. While the ideas they present may be compelling, it’s also important to take stock of the things you like and enjoy when designing your bathroom. After all – it is your bathroom. Opt for the shapes, colour palettes, fixtures, hardware, and decorations you like. From choosing the type of custom shower glass doors, to mirror shapes – know that this is your space, so design it as you see fit!   Prioritize Functionality and Comfort   When it comes to bathroom design, functionality and comfort go hand in hand. A functional bathroom is a comfortable bathroom. Designing your bathroom to maximize space, while also streamlining your morning routine can significantly impact your well-being and overall comfort. You don’t want to have to rely on a bathroom that isn’t working for you by design. Especially on those mornings you accidentally snooze your alarm one too many times.   It’s the Little Things   Finally, it’s important to note that those little stylistic touches can make all the difference. If you’re someone who loves the scent of lavender, get lavender scented candles and place them by your bath tub for a relaxing bathtub experience. If there are any specific quotes that resonate with you, then consider having artwork made and hung up in your bathroom to inspire you during your morning bathroom routine.   If you have a strong desire to have custom glass shower doors fabricated for your bathroom, then contact the professional team at All Team Glass. We offer years of experience in providing quality glass products to clients in Toronto and across the GTA!
How glass shower doors reinvigorate your home appeal
February 12, 2020
Nothing beats entering your bathroom shower area and witnessing how beautifully your glass shower doors, in Toronto or otherwise, open and close in sequence before you’ve even gotten the water running.   You may have experienced something similar during your stay at top-class hotels - it's one of the more comforting sights you can effortlessly incorporate into your residence.   Let’s look at four other ways renovating your glass shower doors in Toronto can set a new benchmark for home allure:   A hallmark of interior design You’d struggle to find an interior designer that won’t tell you that next to the fireplace, the bathroom is the next hallmark in aesthetic design. While the living room is the default "showcase" area, especially in open-house homebuyer visits, the bathroom remains the de facto area of solace for most homeowners. It is for this reason that glass shower doors in Toronto have come to be so admired.   Relaxing and luxurious showers A regular bathtub with default glass shower doors can certainly impart a refreshing feeling. However, just like fine dining, if your bath engages more of your senses - sight, hearing, smell, and touch – the simple pleasures of relaxation and luxuriousness can be heightened in the process. Replacing your fixtures and adding glass shower doors can help bring new depth into something as pedestrian as taking a bath.   Different texture types to choose from When you work with renowned manufacturers such as All Team Glass, you're provided an assortment of choices that can work for all your interior design needs. Whether it's baroque, Chinese antique, or any other textures, we can produce it for you all at an affordable rate.   Improve your home’s resale value Bathrooms and shower areas are extremely important for homebuyers; nothing comes close to the enjoyment of a bath right after a tiring day from work. Seeing beautiful customised glass doors before you enter the shower area is truly divine. It's a price worth paying for many prospective home owners.   Customised glass doors that are timeless Work with All Team Glass to turn your glass door visions into reality. With our decades of experience providing top-quality glass manufacturing solutions, All Team Glass guarantees only the finest results. Contact us to learn more!
Tracing the Evolution of Architectural Glass
January 31, 2020
Glass has been a staple element of modern architecture for years. Whether its energy efficient, laminated or toughened, clear or tinted, glass is always a great option when designing a residential or commercial building. Did you know that before it became so popular, only the wealthy could afford it? In fact, the earliest form of architectural glass was made for the most significant structures in Rome and was very costly for residential use.    Despite of the growing glass production in the succeeding years, glass windows remained to be used only by the wealthy. In England, it was known that the more windows you had in your home, the wealthier you were. People were actually taxed based on the actual number of glass windows their homes had. The tax policy was eventually lifted and the cost of architectural glass dropped significantly to almost 50%. With the introduction of the automated float glass manufacturing method, glass became widely available at a moderate cost with the same consistent high quality.   The same method was used to create flat glass planes where the process involved molten glass to be poured into a thin bath and to be spread out smooth and flat. What also made the manufacturing of architectural glass to increase rapidly is the development in steelmaking. Steel frames became the most widely used material to support buildings. It allowed walls to be relieved of their load-bearing burden and were now able to be made entirely of glass, or popularly known as a curtain wall. With this advancement, architects along with glaziers are pushing the development of glass to its limits. Glass is a great option for many homes and buildings as it’s sturdy, aesthetically pleasing. with the right maintenance, glass can last for years and still look brand new.   To learn more about custom glass fabrication, contact us today!
4 Different Shower Enclosure Styles to Choose From
January 23, 2020
Deciding to renovate your bathroom is a big decision and can often be overwhelming. With all the different styles of glass shower doors in Toronto, it might be a difficult decision given the various choices and styles available. Understanding about each of these unique shower enclosure styles can help you choose the best fit for your home. Pivot or Swinging Shower Door Also known as a hinged door, this style of shower enclosure needs more space for it to swing open and closed. Pivot shower doors are similar to the standard bypass door that includes 1 or 2 hinges on one side but you can opt for a frameless design for a cleaner and more visually appealing effect. Sliding Shower Door Also called a standard bypass door, it works the same way as your sliding glass patio door. The sliding door is built on a track with rollers on it for easy movement. There are many glass shower doors in Toronto to choose from but a sliding shower enclosure is a space-saver as it doesn’t need the additional space to swing open. Curved Shower Door If you have a limited bathroom space for your shower area, then you can utilize the corner and turn it into a unique feature of your home by installing a curved shower door. But be careful with this style because a curved shower door must be custom made by a company that is capable of fabricating this kind of glass. They can also be a bit more expensive but the results are definitely worth the extra price.   Fully Customized Shower Door This option is one of the pricier glass shower doors in Toronto because it is customized exactly how you want it and for your needs. Having a customized shower door means getting the best fit and style of a shower enclosure for your bathroom and can even accentuate your entire home.  
Maintaining Glass Shower Doors
December 30, 2019
  Getting custom glass shower doors is the first step to having an aesthetically pleasing and comfortable shower space. However, it is not enough to just have a well-designed shower enclosure – you need to make sure that you maintain your space properly so that the fixtures last longer and your bathroom stays clean and luxurious.     There are steps that you can take during the manufacture of your custom glass shower doors to make them more durable and manageable.   On top of that, there are also steps that you can take after the fact, by adopting best practices in cleaning and maintaining your custom glass shower doors.     1. Choose the Right Coating  A responsible glass shower fabricator will always ask what kind of coatings you want for your shower doors. You can even layer coatings to get extra protection. The purpose of coatings is to seal the microscopic holes that are evident in any glass product. Not only does this strengthen the overall integrity of the glass, the coating will also help prevent minerals present in water such as calcium from degrading the glass.     2. Watch Out for Hard Water Stains  Water that has significant mineral content is known as hard water. Unlike regular water, hard water can leave stains on glass and ceramics. As such, you will need to be diligent with your cleaning as hard water stains will become harder to get rid of over time. Make sure you avoid streaking when you clean – use gentler cleaning products with moderate pH as well as cleaning instruments that lack sharp edges or rough surfaces.     3. Promote Circulation in Your Bathroom   Whether by turning on the exhaust fan or leaving the bathroom door open after a shower, you need to help promote air circulation in your bathroom to help excess water evaporate. This will prevent the buildup of mildew or moluld. Not only are they unsightly, they are also hazardous to your health.     The most important advice to keep in mind is that you will need to tend to your custom glass shower doors regularly. While beautiful and practical, glass as a material does need more maintenance than other materials. Make sure you clean your shower doors at least twice a week to help them maintain their beauty.  
Differences between Framed and Frameless Shower Doors
December 12, 2019
When deciding to get glass shower doors for your Toronto home, there are a number of things to consider before settling on a final design. The chief distinction between glass shower door designs is whether or not they are framed. Both types of shower doors have different advantages and specifications to keep in mind.   Here are three factors you should consider regarding the framing of your glass shower doors:   1. Installation Since framed doors have thinner glass, they are easier to install for standard shower spaces. On the other hand, you will need to look for a professional installer for of frameless glass shower doors in Toronto, as frameless doors are much more difficult to install. With that said frameless doors provide greater opportunities for customization, making them ideal for unique shower spaces.   2. Aesthetics Frameless glass shower doors in Toronto are becoming more popular thanks to their clean look. They also make your shower area look and feel bigger. That is not to say that framed shower doors cannot look stylish - you can still match the metal frames to other decorative elements in your bathroom by playing with colour or motif.   3. Maintenance When it comes to framed shower doors, maintenance or repair can be troublesome because you may need to look for replacement parts that match the existing frame. Also, certain repair procedures require disassembly. Frameless glass shower doors are preferred because they are easier to maintain and replacement parts can be found quickly due to the simplicity of the parts. Moreover, it is even easier to clean frameless shower doors because of the absence of a frame. Water and dirt will not build up as much, preventing mildew or mold from forming.   No matter what design style you choose, All Team Glass will be able to provide you the best glass shower doors in Toronto. Get in touch today to learn about our custom glass doors!  
Renovation Project? Here Are the Latest Kitchen Design Trends
November 22, 2019
You would be hard pressed to find someone who didn’t think the kitchen and bathroom were the two most important areas of a home.   It is the kitchen, however, that has established itself as the heart of an abode throughout our culture.   After all, most household activities can be traced back to the kitchen and, more importantly, is where family and friends gather to share unforgettable experiences. It comes as no surprise then that kitchen design trends remain an ever popular point of conversation amongst homeowners, designers, and architects.   To help kindle your inspiration, we’ve compiled a diverse selection of kitchen designs motifs that encompass everything from modern country to ultra-minimalism:   Beautiful Edwardian-Era: this design has recently caught second-wind and can be achieved with a centerpiece of a salvaged chestnut and cold-rolled steel island. For striking contrast, pair this aesthetic with a stunning contemporary element, much like a safety glass wall and big statement pot lights.   Elegant Bistro Style Kitchen: the Belle Époque style can be revived in a kitchen designed with ornate crystal chandeliers and a marble countertop. For a romantic European slant, try incorporating delicately painted dove-grey cabinetry.   Modern Cottage Design: for those with large families, nothing makes for a more perfect hub than a cottage-like style in the kitchen. A 12 ft. long island can provide all the room you need to accommodate for families with higher headcounts. Often, designers will breathe air into this design by adding an open ceiling made from safety glass while also doubling to allow the younger ones above to have a peek of the meal from the second floor.   Standout Statement Style: a grand scale design that is complimented by custom touches such as a thick Statuario island made of slab are timeless. A marble-tiled hood fan in your kitchen can turn an otherwise boring functional element into a big statement, which is what this aesthetic choice is all about.   Sleek Showroom Appeal: this design centers on developing a “kitchen showroom” effect that is filled with impressive features. Appliance garages underneath the cabinets provide the room you need to store essentials while keeping countertops neat and clutter-free. A comprehensive sleek look is achieved by utilising safety glass walls and doors.   Should you decide to use safety glass in your kitchen design, All Team Glass offers high quality glass, toughened or laminated, for your family’s safety and security against preventable injuries. Reach out to us and let us know your specifications - we’ll help you achieve both form and function throughout your abode!
How to Decide Between a Frameless or Framed Shower Enclosure
November 08, 2019
If you are looking to update your existing shower door or replace it with a new one, there are a lot of options you have to keep in mind.   Initially, your choice of custom glass shower doors might appear to be as clear as the very glass itself but, upon closer scrutiny, the process can be a little more complicated than you envisioned.   Some of the more pertinent aspects under your consideration are:   The space available between the shower and other fixtures. The dimensions of the shower space itself. How much time you can dedicate to maintenance. Whether or not the design in mind is suited for your lifestyle and budget.   We’re here with today’s piece to streamline this process for you by helping you decide between the two most important considerations before you order your own custom glass shower doors.   What these are you might ask? They relate to the framing surrounding your shower door, i.e. frameless or framed?   Frameless Shower Door These custom glass shower doors aren’t reliant upon the support of metal around its edges. In lieu of the metal, the sturdy, thick tempered glass installed assumes this function.   A frameless shower door provides a contemporary, minimalistic look - with clean lines that are free from visual obstructions. Many opt for this solution as it can highlight other intricate furnishings nearby, this could be in the form of tiling and/or the ornate components used in the shower door assembly like its clips, hinges, and handles.   Framed Shower Door The more affordable option for denizens – this style of custom glass shower door can provide a solution that is just as beautiful and sturdy. An assortment of chic designs exist that are supported by strong framing, adding to the door’s strength.   On top of this, various finish options can be chosen to surround your shower enclosure. A word of caution, make sure to select a finish that fits the statement you are trying to make – a safe bet is to settle on one that can work either in a traditional or contemporary style bathroom.   As a final note, you can also decide between a clear or textured glass shower enclosure, depending on the balance you wish to strike between privacy and transparency.
3 Classifications of Safety Glass
October 21, 2019
Whether it’s the fortified glass used for our vehicle windshields, or tempered glass panels in our shower glass enclosures – there’s no denying that safety glass offers both security and aesthetic benefits across a range of everyday applications we rely on. While we may understand that safety glass mitigates potential safety hazards, we likely don’t fully understand the various types of safety glass that exist.   Safety glass is any type of glass that is manufactured to reduce its likelihood of shattering.   In the event that safety glass does break – it is designed to shatter in such a way that does not harm those nearby. “Safety glass” is an overarching term used to describe three categories of fortified glass types. The three glass categories that fall into the overarching classification of safety glass are laminated safety glass, tempered safety glass, and armed glass.   Laminated Safety Glass   Laminated glass is manufactured with a polyvinyl butyral (PVB) inner layer which helps dampen the effect of sharp blows and sound for added soundproofing. Laminated glass can be cut, dawn, or drilled – which is something tempered and armed glass are not capable of withstanding.   The most common use of laminated safety glass is in the passenger windows of vehicles, or in sloping glass roofs.   Tempered Safety Glass   Tempered safety glass is manufactured by heating glass to its melting point and then rapidly cooling it. Similar to the process of producing fortified concrete through stressing, the tempered glass manufacturing method allows the glass to retain enhanced strength once cooled down, and in the event that the tempered glass panels are shattered – produces granulated instead of the sharp-cutting shards of standard glass.   Common applications of tempered glass panels are in commercial building windows and doors, shower and tub enclosures, fireplace screens, and oven/stove-top surfaces.   Armed Glass   Armed glass (also known as wired glass) is manufactured with a metal grill that functions to strengthen the glass. The metal grill is similar to chicken wire in appearance, and helps to hold the glass in place. Due to the grill layer, transparency is reduced.   Armed glass is commonly used as roofing on factory and other industrial-type buildings, as a way to slow the spread of fires.      
A Brief History of Glass Shower Doors
October 07, 2019
Many homeowners today opt for glass shower doors in Toronto to outfit their bathrooms. Glass shower doors offer a myriad of benefits including physical elegance, expanding the sightlines to make the room appear larger, flexibility in customization, and easy maintenance.   It’s no wonder why glass shower doors in Toronto are so favourable among homeowners.   But where exactly did we get the idea to use glass to manufacture shower doors in the first place? Today we’ll briefly overview the beginnings of glass shower doors and enclosures.   The Origins of Tempered Glass   Standard glass won’t cut it when it comes to fabricating glass shower doors and enclosures. It’s more prone to shattering than the type of glass our windows, patio doors, and shower enclosures are made of. That’s why these items are manufactured with tempered glass (also known as safety glass) – a type of glass that is shatter-proof and more durable than standard glass. Laminated glass was initially invented by French Scientist, Edouard Benedictus in the early 1900s by combining cellulose nitrate and glass. In the decades that followed, advances would be made in developing Benedictus’s initial invention – which would eventually become formally known as tempered glass. These innovations radically improved the safety of glass products.   The First Occurrences of Tempered Glass in Shower Doors   It wasn’t until the 1960s that tempered glass would be used to manufacture shower enclosures and doors in the United States. A small company in Ohio was the first to manufacture glass shower door and wall products. It was also at this time that glass swinging and sliding doors became available for purchase. Much like today, glass doors and shower enclosures became popular at the time for their practical benefits in addition to the way in which it elevated the physical appearance of a bathroom. The transparency provided by these fixtures allowed increased light into a space – making it more attractive to homeowners.  The benefits glass shower doors in Toronto offer haven’t changed a whole lot from their initial debut back in the 60s. Thanks to the innovations made in developing tempered glass, today we are still able to enjoy the practical applications and subtle elegance shower glass doors provide.            
Why Glass Shower Doors Aren’t Dangerous
September 24, 2019
Millions of us place absolute confidence within the custom glass shower doors that enclose us during a shower, having the uttermost faith that the glass will not break.   What are the design parameters of this glass that allow us to place such faith in its mechanical properties?   To provide a comprehensive understanding of this, it is important we provide context to the buildings that house them. The codes of safety within a building have specifications surrounding glazing in bathing areas, these panels can be in the form of:   Plastic doors (the cheapest and most susceptible to scratching) Laminated glass doors (plastic sheet between layers of glass) Tempered glass doors   Between these types, it is found that tempered glass installations are the most common due to their great price-performance ratio, lower susceptibility to cracking, and for being four times stronger than their annealed counterpart. In addition, the tempering and quenching process allows for significant bowing – rather than shattering – to occur as it succumbs to heavy loads.   While the resilience of tempered glass is admirable, it is not indestructible. Even so, should the innate tension within the glass be disturbed (via drilling, for example), tempered glass has been designed to nullify the risk of harm as it crumbles into small pieces, as opposed to large shards.   When having your custom glass shower doors outfitted with tempered glass, make sure you keep an eye out for a tempering seal in the corner of your panel as it is required by law that tempered glass be marked.   A Strong Reputation for Aesthetics and Quality Since 1975, All Team Glass have been at the forefront of glass fabrication, including custom glass shower doors. We have fabricated a range of glass enclosures for our clients, all with their own unique traits. Our dedication to the artistry behind a client’s glass panel does not compromise our tenacity to upholding the highest safety standards, with our safety tempered glass thickness ranging from 8 – 19mm. Get in touch with our team of experts to join our ranks of satisfied customers!
The Difference Between Thermally and Chemically Produced Safety Glass
September 11, 2019
A lot of the glass you interact and come into contact with on a day-to-day basis is known as safety glass. This is because this tempered glass allows manufacturers to produce glass that demonstrates significantly higher mechanical resistance, as well as dulled breakage, keeping the people around them safer.     Depending on the need at hand, tempered safety glass can be produced in two main, yet distinct, ways – thermal and chemical tempering.   In this piece, we will be taking a closer look at the process involved for each production method and how they allow manufacturers to supply safety glass for unique environments:   Thermal Tempering Thermal tempering of annealed glass involves iterative reheating until it becomes malleable, upon which it is immediately cooled. This quenching process is a pivotal stage for developing the characteristic uptick in resistance not seen in annealed glass, and can be up to four times more resistant. Sufficiently rapid cooling cannot be understated in its importance, as it has a causative effect on safety glass resistance – for example, a slow cooling process can produced tempered glass only twice as resilient as its annealed counterpart.   To add, any breakage that occurs once the glass has been thermally tempered will do so in several smooth surfaced pieces, compared to the linear pieces seen in untreated glass. This makes them widely applicable for usage in situations where harm is to be avoided at all costs, such as in showers, entrance and exit doors, windows, store fronts, etc.   Chemical Tempering With this treatment, an exchange of positively charged ions occur between the glass surface (lithium ions) and the immersion liquid (potassium ions), allowing for the glass surface to change on a chemical level as potassium ions are larger in size than lithium ions, leading to a more compressed and resistant tempered glass solution (five times more than annealed glass).   This chemical tempering is conducted by immersing the glass for approximately 16 hours at 400°C in a potassium nitrate solution, and produces a glass with properties similar to that of thermally tempered glass. The precise control that chemically tempered glass provides makes them ideal for more bespoke solutions, such as in ocular glass or semiconductor technologies.
3 Ways You Can Elevate Your Bathroom
August 30, 2019
Are you sick of looking at the same bathroom décor day after day? Does your bathroom seem a few decades outdated? Or are you just looking for some sort of change? Whatever your reasons are, updating your bathroom in even the smallest way can help you begin to enjoy your morning routine again! But thinking about installing everything from a brand new double vanity to custom glass shower doors might seem like a difficult decision to make.   Forget having to go all in on a total bathroom renovation, consider these 3 tips to elevate your bathroom’s interiors.   A Soaker Tub   Soaking in a tub after a long day is one of life’s simple pleasures. Soaker tubs might seem like a luxury amenity, but free standing tubs tend to be easier to install than built-in tubs. They also provide a focal point for your bathroom, and tend to show up on the laundry list of prospective buyers for things they want in their dream home.   Double Sink Vanity   If you live with a partner and have similar morning schedules, it might be worth thinking about installing a double sink vanity in your bathroom. Save yourself the time and stress by not having to compete with your partner for the sink. An added perk of installing a double-sink vanity is added storage space underneath the sinks – allowing you to reduce any unnecessary clutter from sight.   Custom Glass Shower Doors   Finally, consider upgrading your bathroom's interiors by installing custom glass shower doors. Careful selection of the enclosure design will serve to make your bathroom feel larger than it actually is. There are many different types of enclosures to choose from, which allows you more freedom to choose an option that best reflects your personal style. If you’re looking for glass shower enclosures, consider All Team Glass for the design, manufacture, and installation process. We are fully capable of bringing your unique design to life! Call us today to learn more about our services!
The Sustainability of Glass in Architecture
August 16, 2019
By now we know the benefits of using class for architectural applications.   From using tempered glass in the exterior façade of a structure, to custom etched glass on more intricate glass fixtures inside – there is no denying the utility glass applications provide.   With more and more global leaders realizing the perils of climate change, many industries are beginning to minimize their environmental impact by adopting more sustainable practices. The architectural glass industry is no exception to this, as architects and engineers are beginning to reimagine the ways we use glass to ensure more sustainable outcomes.   Benefits of Architectural Glass   Architectural glass is already widely using in a myriad of applications in the design and construction of a building. Glass possesses multiple attractive qualities when used for architectural means – it is transparent, chemically inert, strong, easily available, and relatively cheap. Glass is also quite versatile with regard to design – a glass manufacturer can make a custom etched glass wall panel, or bent glass fixture for the interior of a building. It is also more environmentally friendly and sustainable than alternative building materials.   Reduced Carbon Footprint   From the mining of natural resources to the processing, manufacturing, transportation, and product delivery – the production process of architectural glass uses less energy than other conventional building materials. Glass is a good thermal regulator, which means less of a need to blast the air conditioning in the summer, or the heating system in the winter.  In a similar regard, the embodied carbon of a structure is the total amount of carbon that is contained in the materials and processes used within the entire life cycle of the structure. Using architectural glass can lessen a structure’s carbon emissions substantially – especially when preliminary planning involves reducing total amount of waste, minimizing impact of materials and energy-intense processing methods, and implementing a solid environmental management plan to properly deal with the reuse and recycling of building materials.   Finding an Experienced Glass Manufacturer   It’s no wonder that glass has become a primary staple in the construction of modern buildings and structures. Used for its functional benefits, and design ability – while glass is the optimal and sustainable building material choice, having an experience glass manufacturer is the difference quality makes. All Team Glass is your number one source for custom etched glass, curved glass, tempered glass, glass shower doors and panels, and more! We offer the years of expertise and know-how to ensure your architectural glass needs are met to your unique specifications.  
4 Popular Applications of Tempered Glass
August 01, 2019
Among the various types of safety glass, tempered glass panels have been the top choice of many developers, contractors, and businesses due to their durability and great resistance to heat. Tempered glass has the unique property of not breaking into sharp edges, therefore not posing any threat of harm. As such, it is used in many applications, both commercial and industrial.   Here are four popular applications of tempered glass:   Construction industry    Regulations pertaining to development and construction specifically identify the use of safety glass in building residential and business properties. This makes tempered glass panels a top choice as a building material, where it is normally used as frameless glass doors, sliding doors, and as other glass facades in home. It is also the preferred material for constructing exterior windows due to its durability. Nowadays, glass façade homes are becoming increasingly popular thanks to their appeal to modern sensibilities. Tempered glass panels will make up the bulk of this kind of structure’s building material.  Automotive windshields The introduction of tempered glass panels for use in the automotive industry has been attributed to the need to save lives, marking a turning point in the automotive industry and safety standards. Because of its unique property of shattering into small, non-lethal fragments, it is widely used as vehicle windshields. Its use has been associated with fewer traffic incidents and lesser number of injuries. Appliances Even home appliances can benefit from the use of tempered glass thanks to its excellent heat resistance. Microwaves or ovens, in particular, benefit from the use of tempered glass panels. …and Everything Else! Aside from these specific uses, you can find tempered glass in virtually any product that you may encounter in your daily life. This includes phone booths, stairways, different types of furniture, and in massive sporting arenas. Indeed, tempered glass panels have a variety of uses that make them invaluable to our society. At All Team Glass, our safety glass is fully certified by the Safety Glazing Certification Council – you can count on our glass any time and in any application!
The Innovative Future of Architectural Glass
July 25, 2019
Architectural glass has had a long history, gaining prominence first in grand, highly decorative places of worship. Stained glass is an excellent example of historical architectural glass – who can forget the iconic colours and imagery on the meticulously-crafted windows of the Notre Dame? After centuries of being preserved in the windows of old churches, stained glass has recently been making a comeback, bringing a touch of classic grandeur to modern building. With that said, more modernist takes on architectural glass still dominate design trends, helped in part by the continued advancement of technology, adding new features to architectural glass. Architectural glass is used by both residential and commercial architects, with emphasis on both efficiency and aesthetics. Technology has only made this more and more achievable.   Here is a list of potential design trends on architectural glass that are powered by new technology:   Switchable Smart Glass – this type of architectural glass can alter its light transmission properties, from transparent to translucent and vice versa, when voltage, light, or heat is applied. The market for this type of glass is expected to reach $8 billion by 2025. This is highly sought after by commercial office spaces. The reasons are its energy efficiency and thus, cost saving potential. Switchable smart glass is also used for separating rooms in the house without the appearance of reducing space. Digital Glass Printing – Technological breakthroughs in printing and imaging technology have seen a boost in the use of custom images that are digitally printed on glass windows. A long time ago, image quality was not up to par on larger glass surfaces, but nowadays even pictures taken from your smartphone can be blown up. At All Team Glass, we provide our clients with the best high quality custom glass products. Our services ensure that our glass products are received by you in good condition and can be easily maintained. Our experience with architectural glass makes us the go-to in the Toronto area for glass products.
Important Tips When Planning for A New Shower Enclosure
July 11, 2019
One of the most popular areas or rooms to upgrade is the bathroom. Trends are always changing, and today, modernity and minimalism rule the day. Custom glass shower doors can help transform your bathroom into something more elegant and make it look more spacious. Before you start ordering your new shower doors, it helps to learn about some important structural and aesthetic elements so you can make sure you order only the best custom glass shower doors for your needs. To curb or not to curb? Installing your new glass shower door on a curb works great as it helps prevent water leakage and pooling on the floor. A shower curb is usually sloped at about 5 degrees to facilitate the flow of water going toward the drain. This slope or pitch is very important to avoid standing water that could leak through the floor of your bathroom. The only major consideration about shower curbs is that they are not handicap-friendly and can make for a less streamlined feel. It's all about the measurements Most hardware for custom glass shower doors is made to accommodate three common angles: 90°, 135°, or 180° angles. It would be easier to plan your shower enclosure around these angles to ensure that it can work properly using the available hardware. When it comes to the width of your enclosure panels, each must have at least 4.5 inches to adequately support the hardware and meet the minimum width requirement for tempered glass. The enclosure itself should be a minimum of 22 inches in width.   Considering overhangs or raised tiles The most important thing that installers of custom glass shower doors must look out for is whether anything will hinder or interfere with the movement of the door, as well as if there are gaps between the enclosure and the wall. If you prefer to incorporate some decorative pieces or overhanging tiles, this modification should be taken into careful consideration so as not to compromise proper door movement.
Differentiating 3 Common Types of Safety Glass
July 05, 2019
3 Hot Trends in Glass Shower Designs
June 27, 2019
What Makes All Team Glass the Best Glass Manufacturer?
June 13, 2019
The 3 Technologies Used in Bending Glass
June 12, 2019
Commonly Fabricated Glass Products
May 28, 2019
Glass applications have come a long way since people first discovered they could fabricate glass over 5000 years ago. The glass manufacturers of today are capable of fabricating glass products used in a myriad of applications – from craft to architectural purposing, glass has become a fundamental material in the construction of the world we live in. Glass fabrication is achieved today using more efficient equipment that yield higher quality results.   Today we’ll discuss what products glass manufacturers commonly fabricate.   Glass and Mirror Glass and mirror products are typically composed of standard glass, and are preferred in indoor settings to enhance the amount of natural light that fills a particular space. Common examples include wall mirrors, mirrored sliding doors, and craft products.   Edge Profiles When it comes to nuancing the look of your glass product, opting for a unique edge profile might just be the thing to compliment its design. Consulting a glass manufacturer in selecting the type of edge profile would best suit your design will allow you to consider attributes such as thickness, shape, and even angle degree.   Safety Glass As its name suggests – safety glass is more durable than standard glass and is typically used in applications in which a larger degree of security is required to decrease the potential for injury due to glass breakage. Common examples include car windshields, balcony sliding doors, office windows, and exterior facades.   Laminated Glass Laminated glass is composed of either annealed or tempered glass panels and is commonly used in settings where a larger level of security is necessary. Examples include airports, government buildings, banks, schools, hospitals, etc.   Etched Glass Etched glass is decorative by nature and involves the process of manipulating the depth and/or surface of glass to achieve a specific design. Etched glass can be as simple as offering one consistent level of opacity for the purpose of privacy, or can be intricate – showcasing a design, logo, or work of art.   Bent Glass Achieving quality bent glass will largely depend on the accuracy in which the design resembles original project specs. You can find bent glass as store fixtures, as sneeze guards, balconies, shower enclosures and much more.   Shower Doors Adopting glass shower doors in your bathroom might just help in achieving the lighter airier feel you’re looking for. Regardless of design taste, shower glass doors allow for your bathroom to look larger as your sightline extends past the glass doors.   Finding a Reputable Glass Manufacturer Whether you’re looking to fabricate a design from scratch, or are looking to refurbish an older glass product, finding a glass fabricator who is fully capable of guiding you through the process is imperative to project success. All Team Glass offers the capabilities and experience necessary to bring your project to life. Whether you’re looking for glass and mirror products, specific edge profiles, safety glass, laminated glass, etched glass, bent glass, or shower doors – we have got you completely covered!  
Everyday Safety Glass Applications
May 27, 2019
From windshields, to shower glass enclosures, to floor-to-ceiling windows – it’s no question that glass construction is part of our everyday. But this fact begs the question – how is it that glass, a material that is traditionally seen as fragile, able to be used in applications that require a certain degree of durability and strength? Safety glass, otherwise known as tempered glass, is formulated to provide more security and decrease the likelihood of injury due to glass breakage. Found in an array of applications from commercial and industrial to residential, tempered glass is treated to enhance strength and non-hazardous shattering. The result is a stronger, more durable glass that shatters into smaller, rounded granules rather than the typical sharper shards attributed to the breaking of standard glass.   Today we’ll discuss a few of the most common safety glass applications.   Commercial and Industrial Tempered glass is used in the construction of many modern buildings in commercial and industrial spaces. Tempered glass must adhere to strict building codes regulated by the Safety Glazing Certification Council to ensure quality and safety. Common commercial and industrial applications include: Athletic Centers Swimming Pools Exterior Facades Exhibition Facilities Computer Towers Public Transportation Store Front Windows   Residential Tempered glass is prevalent in both the giant skyscrapers that define the horizon of large city centers, and the cul-de-sacs of modern suburbia. Whether you’re looking out your window before you get out of bed to check out the weather, or looking through your windshield on your way to work – tempered glass is part of almost everyone’s day to day commute. Common residential applications of tempered glass include: Balconies and Balcony Doors Shower Glass Enclosures Windows and Doors Automobiles: windshields, passenger and driver windows   Looking for a reputable safety glass manufacturer? Look no further than All Team Glass. We produce tempered glass in Toronto that is fully certified by the Safety Glazing Certification Council (SGCC). We are fully capable of producing tempered glass perfect for shower doors, store front windows, and windows and doors that are compliant with Canadian general standard board specifications. Call us today to learn more about our tempered glass services.  
The Role Glass Fabrication Plays in Green Building Initiatives
May 13, 2019
The term “green building” is used to describe the implementation of sustainable products and resources through a building’s construction. The fundamental purpose of green building initiatives is to ensure thoughtful design that is energy efficient, modern, and long-lasting. One such material that plays an imperative role in green building construction today is glass. Glass fabrication products provide many benefits in green building initiatives due to their ability to offer transparency, natural-day lighting, acoustic control, and being a completely recyclable material.   Today we’ll discuss the role glass fabrication products plays in green building construction.   What is the purpose of green buildings?   Rising global temperatures are no secret – with growing sea levels, extended wildfire seasons, and thousands of species at risk of extinction, it’s about time we take a critical eye at the ways in which human activity negatively impacts the natural world. Climate change affects every aspect of the world we live in, including urban life. Cities are a key contributor to climate change, acting primarily as a major source of greenhouse gas emissions. Green building initiatives are designed to combat the negative impact of greenhouse gas emissions by design. They are constructed to use less water, to product less waste, to be more energy-efficient, and to conserve natural resources. Green buildings are meant to reduce operational costs in addition to improving overall quality of life.   How are glass products used in green building initiatives?   Glass plays an imperative role in the construction of green buildings. Glass offers both practical and aesthetic qualities that range from enhancing architectural design to improving the building’s overall thermal performance. The benefits of opting for glass in green building are accomplished through the strategic selection and placement of various types of glass products.   What glass types are used in the construction on green buildings?   Opting for green glass types such as opal glass or sunshield glass offers added benefits in addition to improving a building’s aesthetic quality. Certain glass types offer cooling and/or warming ability through reflective properties limiting the need for a building to rely on internal heating and cooling systems that utilize fossil fuels.    
The Dangers of Acid Etched Glass in the Medieval Era
May 06, 2019
The era of innovation began to take the West out of the dark ages and into a time where every day processes would begin to become easier. While some artisans would continue generational traditions to sustain their livelihoods, the artists who worked with glass – would choose newer, faster, and less dangerous ways in which to achieve the same result. The demand for custom etched glass would undergo a much safer transition from its previous, more dangerous way using hydrofluoric acid to achieve an etched glass result.   Today we’ll discuss how acid etched glass from the Medieval Ages differs from how acid etched glass if produced today.   Glass: A Luxury Material   Fabricating custom etched glass began in the early 15th century. Artists would scratch the surface of hand-blown glass with an acid to create intricate designs, motifs, and ornate imagery. Glass during this time was deemed a luxury item due to the arduous process it took for consistent results. Glass was an exclusive product available for the elite class of the period. You can learn more about the history of glass in our last blog post, where we discuss the origins of glass.   Achieving Etched Glass with Acid   During the Medieval Period, etched glass was achieved using hydrofluoric acid – a highly corrosive and reactive chemical. The chemical reaction resulted in the deterioration of the silica from the glass surface – which achieves the effect of a roughened, frosted glass appearance. The pitfall of using acid to achieve etched glass, is that it would put artisans at risk. In some cases, artisans would become poisoned after inhaling its fumes after brief exposure.   Acid Etched Glass Today   The glass manufacturers and artisans of today still use hydrofluoric acid to achieve the same desired etched glass look. However, the processes adhere to safety standards in order to minimize danger for the artist or manufacturer, i.e. the acid is kept in polyethylene containers which the acid is unable to corrode. No longer deemed a luxury item, glass and custom etched glass alike are used in a range of applications including interior partitions, railings, shelves, shower and bath enclosures, walls, kitchen cabinet doors, doors, windows, and much more!   Selecting the Right Glass Manufacturer for Your Custom Etched Glass Design   All Team Glass is your go-to for etched glass design in Toronto and the GTA. We utilize a range of techniques to provide our clients with quality glass products for commercial and residential purposes. Our artists are fully capable of bringing your glass design to life! Call us today to learn more about our services!          
Understanding the Origins of Glass Manufacturing
April 25, 2019
The ubiquity of glass is evident in considering its diversity in application. Seen in everything from the facades of skyscrapers, to the bottles that hold our favourite beverages, to the decorative jewelry we collect over time – the smooth, transparent, crystalline solid is a formative aspect of human crafting. It’s purposing includes everything from structural, architectural, decorative, and even packaging processes –it is clear that glass is an integral aspect to ascertaining the needs of everyday life. Glass manufacturers play a fundamental role in ensuring the specificity of glass application needs are met. But where exactly did glass come from – and how has it become a given in our daily lives?   Today we’ll briefly discuss the origins of glass and glass fabrication and how it has evolved to being a ubiquitous part of daily life.   How is Glass Made? Glass is the product of heating up sand, resulting in a transparent, amorphous solid. Naturally occurring glass can also be found in volcanic geographies in which volcanoes spew molten rock that can strike local terrains composed of sand – effectively resulting in volcanic glass.   The Origins of Glass Glass predates modern history by thousands of years. Debate exists in its exact origins, but evidence suggests it was first produced in Mesopotamia – the modern day Middle East in 3500 BC. People had previously used naturally occurring glass to craft items. Obsidian (one such type of naturally-occurring glass) was used in fabricating knives. Glass manufacturers of this period would craft beads and amulets through a process that is similar to that of contemporary glazing.   Glass as a Luxury In the beginning, the process of manufacturing glass was time-consuming and expensive. Due to slow production, glass products of this time were deemed a luxury item. Glass melting furnaces of the time were quite small and the heat it produced barely met the required temperatures to produce glass. It wasn’t until the Syrian invention of the blow pipe that sped up the glass production process, allowing for an easier and cost-effective way of fabricating glass.   Glass in the Modern Day The glass manufacturers of today are masters of this age old craft. The processes in which glass is produced have been refined and mastered, allowing for cleaner cuts and more precision in fabrication glass to its needed application. Finding a reputable glass manufacturer can bring any glass design to life – regardless of purpose or specificity.   All Team Glass is a reputable glass manufacturer in Toronto. Specializing in fabricating glass and mirror products, edge profiles, tempered glass, laminated glass, etched glass, bent glass, and shower doors – you can rest assured knowing your glass design needs will be met. We offer the necessary experience and capabilities to bring your project to life. Call us today to learn more about our services – one of our team members would love to assist you!
Architectural Applications of Bent Glass
April 10, 2019
The prevalence of bent glass in architectural applications is indicative of today’s engineering innovation. Used in residential homes, commercial offices, and in defining the exterior facades of skyscrapers – bent glass is truly a marker of contemporary architecture. Contemplating how a material that is typically perceived as being brittle, is used in applications that require a great deal of strength to carry heavy loads may seem improbable by nature. But somehow we’ve managed to develop structural glass that is fully capable of meeting architectural and engineering feats of today.   Today we’ll briefly discuss the architectural and design applications of bent glass.   Glass as a Classic Design Facet   Glass in architecture is a staple. As design trends come and go – glass has stood the test of time as an effortless and classic component to any interior or exterior space. Opting for glass instead of more opaque materials in design effectively extends the breadth of space – perfect for the design of open-concept layouts.   Bent Glass for Structural Stability   Engineering experts suggest that when glass is arched, it allows for the structure to become more resistant to stresses attributed to heavy loads – unlike that of single-planed, straight, flat glass. Bent glass can also minimize sunlight deflections, reducing heat-absorption of the glass.   All Team Glass is Your Go-To for Bent Glass   All Team Glass is a leading supplier of bent glass that is just as safe and durable as it is beautiful. We are capable of meeting your architectural glass needs when it comes to curved glass, and can effectively bring your design to life. We manufacture a large range of glass products including bent glass for windows, doors, walls, store fixtures, furniture, shower doors, etc. Our facility is fully equipped with the necessary machinery and team of highly experienced glass manufacturers to ensure high-quality service and product every time. Call All Team Glass today for all your bent glass needs – one of our industry professionals would be happy to assist you!
Tempered Glass and Fire Safety
March 22, 2019
Safety glass is typically used for applications in which a certain degree of protection is expected to prevent injury in the event of impact, or offer better resistance when faced with the effects of extreme environments. Applications include use in automotive windows, shower glass enclosures, and more generally as interior or exterior architectural glass. To be considered fire-resistant, or fire-rated – glass must be able to provide a certain degree of resistance to fire. For tempered glass to acquire fire safe recognition – the glass must be able to confine fire and smoke to one area or room, and must be able to provide resistance to extremely high temperatures.   Today we’ll discuss how tempered glass differs from regular glass when it comes to fire safety.   Compartmentation Capabilities   As suggested, safety glass must be able to confine flames and smoke to one area or room – effectively restricting fire access and the spread of fire into other spaces. While it may appear to the casual onlooker that most types of glass are capable of compartmentation as fire-rated glass looks just like normal glass – the opposite is true. Standard window glass will typically fracture at 121 degrees Celsius – whereas tempered glass can stand temperatures of up to 260 degrees Celsius.   Rigorous Testing   Fire-rated glass must also undergo rigorous testing as per Canadian standards in order for fire-rated certification to occur. In Canada, the Safety Glazing Certification Council (SGSC) conducts testing to authorize the use of manufactured glass in architectural or automotive applications. Requirements tempered glass must adhere to will depend on class of certification. Generally, tests involve assessing initial impact and temperature resilience of the glass in a third-party laboratory.   Opting for SGSC Certified Safety Glass with All Team Glass   All Team Glass manufactures tempered glass in Toronto that is fully certified by the SGSC. If you’re looking for tempered glass to be used in applications including frameless shower doors, store fronts, doors, windows, store fixtures, etc. – you can rest assured knowing All Team Glass provides durable, protective and resilient glass that is capable of withstanding impact and hot temperatures. We pride ourselves on providing exemplary customer service while also manufacturing and supplying high-quality glass products.
3 Ways to Elevate Your Bathroom Remodel
March 08, 2019
4 Ways to Customize Your Glass Shower Doors
February 08, 2019
Your shower doors may seem like an insignificant aspect of your washroom when it comes to its overall aesthetic, but they actually present an opportunity to bring your personal style to a space where simplicity tends to prevail. Shower doors can even become the focal point of a washroom if they have a unique design or artwork. The functionality of shower doors can also be customized for your comfort and convenience. Glass doors can give your washroom a clean, modern look and are easy to customize. Here are four types of custom glass shower doors to choose from.   Hinged Door This type of door opens by swinging out in one direction, just like any regular door in your home. It can be fitted to walls or shower surrounds, and is commonly used for stand-alone shower stalls. This type of door is best suited for washrooms that have enough space around the shower for the door to swing out.   Pivot Door Custom glass shower doors made in the pivot style also have a swinging door, but can be opened in either direction. The pivot door swings out at 180 degrees, so it requires space like a hinged door, but can be held against the inside or outside of the shower wall. The curved glass style is popular for this type of door.   Bypass Door The bypass door slides open like a balcony or patio door. It consists of two sliding glass panels, and can have additional fixed panels. This type of door can either slide along tracks along the top and bottom of the shower or be attached to mechanical rollers. Bypass doors can be installed above bathtubs for combination bathtub showers. Another benefit of the bypass door is that is doesn’t require extra space to open like other types of custom glass shower doors.   Neo-Angle Door   The neo-angle door is made for smaller showers that are located in a corner of a washroom. The shower consists of three glass panels, where two panels are attached perpendicularly to walls and a third panel, the door, is in between them. The door itself opens out at a 90-degree angle; however, this type of shower is designed to save space overall.   Keep these door styles in mind when you’re shopping around for a supplier to create custom glass shower doors for your washroom. At All Team Glass, we can customize shower doors according to your specific ideas and requirements. Every aspect of our glass doors can be customized—from the size and shape of the doors to the design and artwork. Our shower doors are also safety tempered and fabricated using CNC machining to ensure functionality as well as aesthetic. We can cater to any style—from traditional to modern and anything in between. Contact us today to get the right glass shower doors for you!
Understanding the Benefits of Tempered Glass in Toronto
January 29, 2019
Q: What do the windows of vehicles, balcony doors, shower enclosures, and building facades all have in common? A: They all have some element made up of, or are completely composed of tempered glass. Why Do We Use Tempered Glass? Tempered glass in Toronto is used in applications that require thermal resistance, safety, and a higher degree of strength. Tempered glass is regarded as a type of safety glass as it is four times stronger than regular ‘annealed’ glass. The term ‘safety glass’ is used to describe glass that has the capacity to endure surface compression stress that does not surpass 100 megapascals. ‘Tempered’ glass is used to describe glass that has the capacity to endure surface compression stress that does not exceed 69 megapascals. Tempered glass is also safer, stronger, and more scratch/damage resistant than regular glass. Unlike regular glass, tempered glass fractures into small pieces upon impact. The smaller pieces of fractured tempered glass are less likely to hurt someone in comparison to the sharp shards that regular glass fractures into upon initial impact. How is Tempered Glass Made? Tempered glass in Toronto can be manufactured in one of two processes: The first involves a heat treatment process where it travels through a tempering oven. After the heating treatment process, the glass is then subjected to a high-pressure cooling process. A secondary approach to manufacturing tempered glass is through chemical tempering, where specific chemicals will swap ions on the surface of the glass to develop compression Where Do We Use Tempered Glass? Tempered Glass in Vehicle Windows Vehicle windows require thermal resistance, safety, and a higher degree of strength. Cars are typically stored outside and are likely to undergo the temperature changes brought on through seasonal changes, and thus require a thermal resistance. Car windows must also be able to offer protection against small impacts from driving such as small rocks, or the impact from car accidents. Tempered Glass in Shower Enclosures Tempered glass is used in constructing shower enclosures primarily due to their durability. The last thing you want is for your shower door to shatter while you’re taking a shower. Tempered glass is also known for its thermal resistance. From cold to hot showers, everyone in your family may have different temperature preferences, but your shower should be able to withstand dramatic temperature changes regardless. Choosing High- Tempered Glass in Toronto If you’re looking for tempered glass in Toronto, consider giving the highly experienced team at All Team Glass a call. We produce safety glass that is fully certified by the Safety Glazing Certification Council (SGCC). We are proud to say that all of our tempered glass adhere to the standards set by the Canadian General Standard’s board specifications. If you’re looking for tempered glass, All Team Glass is here to get the job done!
The Many Benefits and Applications of Bent Glass
January 15, 2019
Using bent glass in your project can offer a more aesthetically-pleasing option over traditional flat glass options. Curved glass is most prominently known for its ability to cultivate a uniqueness in architectural design. From domes, to solariums, to revolving doors, to the exterior facades of modern buildings, the applications of curved glass are endless. Today we’ll go over the benefits and many applications of curved glass. Benefits: Eco-friendly, Visually-Enticing, and Thermal Insulating Glass is an eco-friendlier option as it can be recyclable. Recycled glass can be used in place of up to 95% of raw materials, resulting in the potential for roughly a ton of natural resources saved for every ton of glass that is recycled. Utilizing glass in architecture is a contemporary trend, as its transparency offers a sense of space and allows for more natural light to pass through. Glass is affiliated with a cleaner, minimalist look – and is used in both the interiors and exteriors of contemporary residential and commercial buildings. Bent glass (as does regular glass) can also acts as a thermal insulator – rendering it unable to conduct heat or electricity. Instead, glass resists heat, making it a great heat insulator meaning it is able to trap heat - which is optimal for the colder months of the year.    Structural Benefits of Curved Glass There are many structural benefits to using curved glass in your project. The arching evident in curved glass allows for the glass to become highly load resistant. The thickness of the glass can also be reduced to lessen the overall weight (and cost) of the structure. Additionally, bent and tempered glass can offer an increased mechanical strength, allowing for more durability against temperature variations. Applications of Curved Glass There are multiple aesthetic and practical applications of curved glass. Curved Glass is used externally in the facades of skyscrapers and other buildings, shop fronts, and windows. It is used internally for showcases, shower doors and enclosures, elevator glass panels, and room partitions. Curved glass also offer multiple architectural applications such as in domes, solariums, aquariums, barrel vaults, and revolving doors. Utilizing curved glass is a great non-conventional alternative to traditional glass applications. Glass offers environmentally-friendly, visually-enticing, and thermal insulating benefits while simultaneously offering structural benefits – perfect for architectural functions. The uses for bent glass are truly endless!
The Safety Provided by Our Glass Shower Doors in Toronto
December 04, 2018
An In-Depth Look at Our Safety Glass
November 20, 2018
Safety glass remains of the most useful types of glass in today’s society. With so many common applications in our homes, vehicles, and local commercial businesses – it’s very easy to see why. Safety glass offers numerous benefits for a wide variety of applications.   When you’re in need of safety glass for your home renovation project or business investment, we at All Team Glass can fabricate top-quality safety glass for your application.   Safety glass differs from regular types of glass since regular glass can shatter easily into sharp shards that can potentially harm anyone that comes in contact with it. Safety glass, on the other hand, is specially tempered, laminated, and toughened, so that it’s a lot more durable, and, when broken, does not break into harmful shards of glass.   Instead, safety glass breaks into round, non-threatening pellets of glass that are way less dangerous compared to regular types of glass. Safety glass doesn’t produce sharp glass shards when broken, which is by far one of the most appealing aspects of this type of glass.   When All Team Glass fabricates safety glass, we only have one thing on our mind: safety. If our custom glass panels are being used for homes, we innovate them and manufacture them as per our clients’ needs and specifications, so that our glass panels can provide an element of elegance within their home.   A common application of our safety glass is glass shower doors. Many renovation companies contract us to provide them with custom glass shower doors that are safety tempered because they understand the importance of safety – especially when it comes to shower glass.   So when you’re looking to buy custom glass panels for your renovation project or business, we at All Team Glass have you covered. Whether you require safety glass for your shower doors, etched glass for signage of your business, or even mirrors for your building, we have the capabilities of delivering you top-quality custom glass products.
Admiring Our Glass Shower Doors in Toronto
November 06, 2018
The Benefits of Using Tempered Glass Panels
October 15, 2018
Things to Consider When Choosing Custom Glass Shower Doors For Your Home
October 01, 2018
Are you thinking about finally giving your bathroom that much needed renovation? Then it’s definitely time to upgrade it with the help of our custom glass shower doors. These doors are sure to give your bathroom a more modern look and is designed specifically for your bathroom.   If you’re thinking about renovating your bathroom, we at All Team Glass can design and fabricate custom glass shower doors for you!   Renovating any room in your house can be quite the hassle, but with the right materials, skill, and designs, your renovation should go by smoothly. When you work with us at All Team Glass, we’re capable of fabricating high quality custom glass shower doors for your bathroom, making that renovation – and bathroom – a whole lot better.   When thinking about the shower glass enclosure for your bathroom, it’s important to consider a couple of things:   Dimensions When renovating your bathroom, it’s important to consider the dimensions of any and all objects within the space – especially your shower enclosure. This way, you can come to us with the right dimensions so we can fabricate custom glass shower doors that are tailored specifically to the dimensions that you outline.   Safety Glass, when broken, typically shatters into sharp dangerous shards that can cause serious physical harm to your body. Especially when it comes to a shower, there’s always a chance of slipping, falling, and potentially breaking the shower glass. Fortunately, all custom glass shower doors that we fabricate are safety-tempered, which offers better durability and prevents the glass from shattering into dangerous shards!   So when you’re in need of custom glass shower doors for your bathroom renovation, we at All Team Glass can happily provide you with what you need. We design and manufacture all of our shower doors with your needs and safety in mind, so contact us today!
Video: The Customizability That Safety Glass Offers
September 28, 2018
  Edge profiles are subtle, yet extremely useful design options for your safety glass fixtures. At All Team Glass, we work with a wide variety of decorative profiles to add unique finishing touches to your home. Often, our customers want more than just well-constructed glass fixtures for their home – they want these fixtures to look great as well. Edge profiles are an amazing way to achieve this, because they are both subtle and elegant, and can be etched into safety glass edges safely and flawlessly.   Our designs include waterfalls and beveled edges, along with seamed edges and pencil edges, and many more! You can learn more about our available option in the galleries on our website, or by calling us and asking how we can benefit the aesthetic of your home. Check it all out through the link in the description below!
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September 17, 2018
The Various Applications of Safety Glass
September 05, 2018