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3 Reasons Glass Shower Doors Are Better Than Shower Curtains

Bathrooms are an integral part and an extension of your home. After buying a house, many choose to redesign the bathroom to make it fit well with the decor of the rest of the space.

Customized bathrooms with modern fittings and sleek design exude a luxurious lifestyle. One of the best ways to spruce up your bathroom is by getting glass shower doors in Toronto. Although shower curtains are also a viable option, there are many benefits offered by shower doors that cannot be matched by shower curtains.


Following Are Some Pros of Glass Shower Doors Over Shower Curtains


  • Durable: A glass door made by a dependable glass fabrication company like All Team Glass & Mirror is way more durable than a shower curtain. There is a high chance of the curtain being torn due to wear and tear as time passes. The build quality of glass doors ensures that they last for an extended period without any damage to them.

  • Stylish: One of the benefits of getting custom shower doors installed in your bathroom is that you can go for a design of your choice. Depending on the rest of your bathroom setting, you can go for a door that makes your bathroom better in terms of aesthetics and utility. A shower curtain looks more of a makeshift solution when compared with a glass door.

  • No risk:  With shower curtains, there is always a risk of unforeseen accidents. The chances of you slipping on the wet curtain or falling because of the curtain being stuck are high. You can eliminate any such risk by getting shower doors installed.


You can rely on All Team Glass & Mirror for the installation of custom glass shower doors at the best rates. We are industry leaders with knowledgeable staff and an impeccable track record. Contact us today to learn about everything we can do for you.

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