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3 Applications Of Tempered Glass Panels

The benefits and widespread applications of glass are already known. The domestic and industrial applications of glass are unlimited and there are different glass types that are known for their different attributes.


Construction is one of the major industries that use glass extensively. Float glass, shatterproof glass, tinted glass, chromatic glass, and insulated glass units are all used extensively in the construction industry.


Tempered glass is another glass type used extensively in the construction industry. This type of glass is often manufactured in panels and can be used in numerous ways. Tempered glass panels are durable and cost-effective when sourced from the right manufacturer like All Team Glass & Mirror Ltd. 



Significant Applications of Tempered Glass Panels


Glass shower enclosures and doors

Glass shower enclosures are used by contractors and interior designers to spruce up the washroom setting. The combination of sleek design and utility makes glass shower enclosures popular. Durability and strength are two features that make tempered glass the preferred material for constructing glass shower doors and enclosures. Depending on your requirements, glass fabricators can deliver you glass shower enclosures and doors without exceeding your budget.


Sliding doors

Sliding doors are more convenient and aesthetic than conventional windows. From taking up less space and offering a better view to providing better insulation and keeping out the noise, sliding doors have several benefits. Tempered glass is used for manufacturing sliding doors to ensure that all the aforementioned criteria are met.


Partition walls

Tempered glass is widely used for constructing partition walls in contemporary architecture. Going for tempered glass partition walls is a great option if you are looking to elevate the decor and the overall interior setting of your abode. Laminated glass is also used for constructing glass facades. 


The many applications of tempered glass panels make them in great demand. If you are a contractor or engineer, it is essential to understand the importance of the quality of such glass panels. You can rely on All Team Glass & Mirror Ltd for all architectural and custom etched glass needs.


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