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3 Types Of Safety Glass

Glass is a material with unique features and diverse applications, making it a significant part of many industries. The use of glass is not just limited to industrial applications. There are hardly any homes, in today's time, that do not have glass products. 

There are many types of glass with different characteristics that serve diverse purposes. Safety glass is one such type that is immensely popular due to its many applications for domestic and industrial surfaces.



Here Are The 3 Types of Safety Glass


Toughened glass

Also referred to as tempered glass, toughened glass is known for its additional strength. One of the significant features of this type of glass is that when broken, it poses a much lesser risk as compared to regular glass.

When the regular glass breaks, it does so into many pieces with sharp edges that can cut and cause injury to people around. Due to the constant internal stress, the tempered glass gets broken into tiny granules instead of sharp pieces. Toughened glass is used for making shower doors, windows of vehicles, tables, etc.


Laminated glass

Édouard Bénédictus, a French chemist, invented laminated glass in 1903. An interlayer holds together layers of glass and plastic in laminated glass. PVB (polyvinyl butyral) is the interlayer usually used to hold together the layers. Laminated glass is used for glazing, for manufacturing windshields, and for making hurricane-resistant construction like storefronts and curtain walls.


Wire mesh glass

Wire mesh glass is a common type of safety glass used worldwide. It is also referred to as wired glass by many. Invented by Frank Shuman, an American inventor, this glass is known for its fire-resistant capabilities. Wire mesh glass is used extensively in service lifts. In case of a fire, wire mesh glass can prevent the fire from moving towards the lift shaft.


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