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4 Compelling Benefits Of Using Tempered Glass Panels In Your Property Projects

August 12, 2020

For many people, tempered glass panels are additional protective glass layers for smartphones. Upon application, these exceptional panels that contain the smallest cracks provide the best protection for fragile smartphone touchscreens. However, tempered glass can do so much more than simply protect electronics. You can use it for balcony and shower doors, swimming pools, and public property. Here are four great benefits to using tempered glass. 

Stronger than normal glass, annealed glass can have a small crack, which turns an entire panel brittle once vibrations start propagating the crack. However, due to its surface compression, tempered glass panels will contract and contain the cracked areas. In turn, it is genuinely physically stronger than annealed glass with a compressive stress of 10,000psi. 

Explosion Proof

The exceptional surface pressure on tempered glass panels can handle and deflect blunt objects travelling at high velocities. In turn, it's powerful enough to withstand something as big as an explosion and can shield anybody on the other side of the glass. Furthermore, if it should break, tempered panels break down into blunt pieces, which makes them less dangerous for passengers during an accident. 

Exceptional Thermal Resistance

Tempered glass is perfect for vehicle use because of its highly-exceptional thermal resistance. It sees comprehensive implementation as property window panels too. Glass panels for vehicle and property windows go through a repeated cycle of heating and cooling. In doing so, its contraction and expansion will damage standard annealed glass panels. However, tempered glass' surface compression keeps them intact despite the changing temperature. 

A Great Number Of Exceptional Manufacturers

If you need exceptional glass panels for your projects, you can always count on us at All Team Glass to provide you with the best-tempered panels for vehicles or properties. 

You won't need to look far to find the best glass manufacturers -- Contact us today to learn more about everything that we can do for you! 


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