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4 Different Shower Enclosure Styles to Choose From

January 23, 2020

Deciding to renovate your bathroom is a big decision and can often be overwhelming. With all the different styles of glass shower doors in Toronto, it might be a difficult decision given the various choices and styles available. Understanding about each of these unique shower enclosure styles can help you choose the best fit for your home.

Pivot or Swinging Shower Door

Also known as a hinged door, this style of shower enclosure needs more space for it to swing open and closed. Pivot shower doors are similar to the standard bypass door that includes 1 or 2 hinges on one side but you can opt for a frameless design for a cleaner and more visually appealing effect.

Sliding Shower Door

Also called a standard bypass door, it works the same way as your sliding glass patio door. The sliding door is built on a track with rollers on it for easy movement. There are many glass shower doors in Toronto to choose from but a sliding shower enclosure is a space-saver as it doesn’t need the additional space to swing open.

Curved Shower Door

If you have a limited bathroom space for your shower area, then you can utilize the corner and turn it into a unique feature of your home by installing a curved shower door. But be careful with this style because a curved shower door must be custom made by a company that is capable of fabricating this kind of glass. They can also be a bit more expensive but the results are definitely worth the extra price.


Fully Customized Shower Door

This option is one of the pricier glass shower doors in Toronto because it is customized exactly how you want it and for your needs. Having a customized shower door means getting the best fit and style of a shower enclosure for your bathroom and can even accentuate your entire home.


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