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4 Frequently-Asked Questions about Safety Glass

When one thinks about safety glass, they think about how it’s highly durable, unbreakable, and greatly useful when it comes to protection against physical impact. With the widespread use of tempered glass, these types of glasses are becoming more affordable, with even residential properties being able to use them in various areas of a house. With the rising popularity of tempered glass, there are some questions that come up frequently, so let’s look at the answers to these common questions.



Here Are Some Safety Glass FAQs



How strong and durable is it?

It is very durable. Our tried-and-proven safety glass at All Team Glass has at least five times better durability, non-shattering feature, and consistency than regular glass. Most safety glasses can withstand shock and impact much further than regular glass. Specialised glasses have higher durability than regular ones, such as gun range safety glasses.

Is it only used for windows?

At first, toughened glass became a popular alternative to regular window glass. It was perfect because it had excellent insulation sealing and durability. However, you can now find safety glass being used in automobiles, televisions, engineering safety equipment, security gear, and more.

Is it a lot more expensive than regular glass?

Manufacturing such glass uses much more resources than regular glass. So it’s likely to cost more. However, it’s important to note that the price would vary based on the size and specifications of the glass that you need. Also, working with highly reputable manufacturers such as All Team Glass guarantees competitive and consistent prices.

How long does it last?

High-quality tempered glasses can last for years with zero maintenance. They require regular fissure and crack inspections to extend their lifespan and performance.


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