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An In-Depth Look at Our Safety Glass

November 20, 2018

Safety glass remains of the most useful types of glass in today’s society. With so many common applications in our homes, vehicles, and local commercial businesses – it’s very easy to see why. Safety glass offers numerous benefits for a wide variety of applications.


When you’re in need of safety glass for your home renovation project or business investment, we at All Team Glass can fabricate top-quality safety glass for your application.


Safety glass differs from regular types of glass since regular glass can shatter easily into sharp shards that can potentially harm anyone that comes in contact with it. Safety glass, on the other hand, is specially tempered, laminated, and toughened, so that it’s a lot more durable, and, when broken, does not break into harmful shards of glass.


Instead, safety glass breaks into round, non-threatening pellets of glass that are way less dangerous compared to regular types of glass. Safety glass doesn’t produce sharp glass shards when broken, which is by far one of the most appealing aspects of this type of glass.


When All Team Glass fabricates safety glass, we only have one thing on our mind: safety. If our custom glass panels are being used for homes, we innovate them and manufacture them as per our clients’ needs and specifications, so that our glass panels can provide an element of elegance within their home.


A common application of our safety glass is glass shower doors. Many renovation companies contract us to provide them with custom glass shower doors that are safety tempered because they understand the importance of safety – especially when it comes to shower glass.


So when you’re looking to buy custom glass panels for your renovation project or business, we at All Team Glass have you covered. Whether you require safety glass for your shower doors, etched glass for signage of your business, or even mirrors for your building, we have the capabilities of delivering you top-quality custom glass products.

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