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How Is Architectural Glass Made?

Glass can spruce up your home with minimal effort. From bathroom sinks and stairs to partitions and false ceilings, everything made using glass is pleasing to the eye. Apart from the aesthetic purpose, it is also great in terms of utility. 

Glass kitchen countertops are also trendy and used worldwide owing to their many benefits. The glass type used for all these purposes is known as architectural glass. All Team Glass & Mirror Ltd. specializes in manufacturing this type of glass. 


In this blog, we discuss how exactly architectural glass is made.



Here are the crucial steps involved in making this glass. 

Cutting the right size
Cutting the right size of the glass is one of the first steps involved in the process. Depending on the nature of the application and the client's requirement, glass fabricators either use a diamond-head tool or use CNC machines like laser cutters, water-jet cutters, or plasma cutters to cut the glass in the correct size and shape. 

Adding patterns and colours
Since architectural glass is used for decorative purposes, it is essential for it to have attractive patterns and designs that are eye-catching. After cutting the glass, the next step is to add colours and patterns. The fabricator sprinkles white powder on the kiln before placing the glass panel.

The white powder leaves a texture on the bottom of the glass panel. After this, the coloured glass powder is sprinkled on the top of the glass panel. Another glass panel is placed on top of the sprinkled colour, and the entire process is repeated until achieving the desired thickness. 

Heating and cooling
Glass fabricators close the kiln and heat the glass after placing all the glass panels and adding the desired colours. After heating, the glass panels merge into a single glass unit making it more durable and strong. This process of heating and then cooling prevents the glass from breaking or chipping.

The polishing machine uses stone and water to grind down the edges until the layering is no longer visible. Polishing is essential to ensure a clean finish.

You can rely on our knowledgeable team at All Team Glass & Mirror Ltd. for all your glass fabrication needs. Contact us today to get a free quote on your next project.

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