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Commonly Fabricated Glass Products

May 28, 2019

Glass applications have come a long way since people first discovered they could fabricate glass over 5000 years ago. The glass manufacturers of today are capable of fabricating glass products used in a myriad of applications – from craft to architectural purposing, glass has become a fundamental material in the construction of the world we live in. Glass fabrication is achieved today using more efficient equipment that yield higher quality results.


Today we’ll discuss what products glass manufacturers commonly fabricate.


Glass and Mirror

Glass and mirror products are typically composed of standard glass, and are preferred in indoor settings to enhance the amount of natural light that fills a particular space. Common examples include wall mirrors, mirrored sliding doors, and craft products.


Edge Profiles

When it comes to nuancing the look of your glass product, opting for a unique edge profile might just be the thing to compliment its design. Consulting a glass manufacturer in selecting the type of edge profile would best suit your design will allow you to consider attributes such as thickness, shape, and even angle degree.


Safety Glass

As its name suggests – safety glass is more durable than standard glass and is typically used in applications in which a larger degree of security is required to decrease the potential for injury due to glass breakage. Common examples include car windshields, balcony sliding doors, office windows, and exterior facades.


Laminated Glass

Laminated glass is composed of either annealed or tempered glass panels and is commonly used in settings where a larger level of security is necessary. Examples include airports, government buildings, banks, schools, hospitals, etc.


Etched Glass

Etched glass is decorative by nature and involves the process of manipulating the depth and/or surface of glass to achieve a specific design. Etched glass can be as simple as offering one consistent level of opacity for the purpose of privacy, or can be intricate – showcasing a design, logo, or work of art.


Bent Glass

Achieving quality bent glass will largely depend on the accuracy in which the design resembles original project specs. You can find bent glass as store fixtures, as sneeze guards, balconies, shower enclosures and much more.


Shower Doors

Adopting glass shower doors in your bathroom might just help in achieving the lighter airier feel you’re looking for. Regardless of design taste, shower glass doors allow for your bathroom to look larger as your sightline extends past the glass doors.


Finding a Reputable Glass Manufacturer

Whether you’re looking to fabricate a design from scratch, or are looking to refurbish an older glass product, finding a glass fabricator who is fully capable of guiding you through the process is imperative to project success.

All Team Glass offers the capabilities and experience necessary to bring your project to life. Whether you’re looking for glass and mirror products, specific edge profiles, safety glass, laminated glass, etched glass, bent glass, or shower doors – we have got you completely covered!


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