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Different Safety Glass and Their Physical Properties

December 15, 2020

Safety glass is much more durable than the regular glass used for lesser applications. It is a thicker material that offers high resistance to physical impact while maintaining a similar transparent aesthetic to that of regular glass.


Common modern-day applications include kitchen appliances, automotive parts, retail fixtures, railings, countertops, solar panels, and much more.


Safety glass can come in a variety of options including tempered glass, laminated glass, and bulletproof glass. Tempered glass is the most widely used of the three options. It is produced by heat-treating annealed glass panels in an oven effectively strengthening the glass. Unlike regular glass, when tempered glass succumbs to physical pressure, the entire panel shatters instead of leaving sharp jagged edges, therefore lowering chances of injury. Due to these physical properties, tempered glass is in high demand for daily applications including passenger vehicle windows, shower doors, tables, and countertops, as well as a component to bulletproof glass.


Laminated glass is created by adhering multiple layers of glass together, with a thin vinyl layer in between each slab of glass, offering protective qualities that make it resistant to shattering upon impact. This makes laminated glass the preferred option for car windshields and retail windows and doors, and glass railing panels.


Armored glass, otherwise commonly known as bulletproof glass, is a combination of multiple types of glass. As the name suggests, this glass is the durable option of safety glass offering the most protective qualities. It takes the physical properties of tempered glass to resist highly focused impact, distributing pressure throughout the panel by minimizing shatter points in small regions around the impact. The use of lamination in armored glass will allow for multiple thick layers of glass as well as maintaining the glass barrier without shattering upon heavy impact.


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