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Fancy Styles for your Bathroom – Glass and Tile Trends

At All Team Glass, we manufacture and design glass products, including custom glass shower doors, to meet any design style or taste in home décor and design. Tempered, etched and customized glass, with guaranteed high quality, offers great convenience, functionality and appeal.

We offer you a wide range of options and design styles, whether you want a modern or traditional feel. More importantly, we can offer the expertise and ability to take on any custom project. 


We can help you find, design and install the perfect custom glass shower doors to make your dream bathroom.


The bathroom is one of the most important parts of the home. It is where you start your day, and it should always be on a good note. Here are some amazing bathroom trends to keep in mind for your bathroom renovation or upgrade:

Bold Colors – Wild color combinations are the latest trend in bathroom design. Along with custom glass fabrication, you can have a little fun with this particular trend because of detailed combinations beyond black and white.

Curbless 101 – Expect curbless showers to dominate the bathroom design industry. These showers are making rooms more spacious as they adhere to the universal design principles. Curbless showers show luxury although they are not as expensive to build as most people think.

Single Slab Tile – It may not be the most affordable design that you can find, but it works well when it comes to waterproofing and stunning appeal. Large slabs of quartz are ideal for the shower and the ceiling as well. The sense of continuity is what will mesmerize you, coupled with beautiful custom shower doors.

Whether it is the latest kitchen or bathroom design, glass fabrication is an indispensable tool in new and renovation home projects. We offer quality glass, made to your specific needs. We can custom fabricate and transform your glass and mirrors into any shape.

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