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Maintenance Tips For Architectural Glass



Architectural glass is a prominent addition to any building in today's time. This glass's ability to absorb and reflect light makes it the ideal building material for energy-efficient constructions. Not only does it help reduce the energy bills, but the sleek and stylish look also adds to the overall appeal of the building, may it be residential or commercial.

The glass can withstand harsh weather conditions making it the ideal choice no matter the location of the building. Even discolouration is not an issue with glass as it is not affected by chemicals of any kind. However, you can sustain the visual appeal and improve the durability of the glass by following simple maintenance tips.


How To Maintain And Take Care Of Architectural Glass


  • Hiring commercial glass cleaners on a contractual basis is a great idea for cleaning glasses in a commercial building.
  • Avoid using abrasive cleaning materials of any kind for cleaning glass. Scratches not only dampen the visual appeal of the glass but can also cause damage to its structural integrity. Using razors for scraping the glass should also be avoided.
  • Using abrasive-free glass cleaners of good quality is recommended for cleaning architectural glass. Make sure to brush away dust or debris from the glass before cleaning them.


Checking the health and structural integrity of the glass regularly is essential for its durability. You can depend on professional glass fabricators for conducting a thorough survey of the glass. 


Checking the condition and strength of clamps that hold the glass together is also vital for ensuring there is no chance of glass being dislodged and causing untoward accidents. 


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