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Home décor enthusiasts are opting for glass shower doors in Toronto and across the GTA. Many homeowners pay attention to the aesthetics of their bathroom because it is a part of home interior design. However, the problem with most homes is inadequate space in the bathroom to allow free hand in creating design. An ingenious solution is the installation of transparent glass shower doors to add class and sophistication to any size bathroom. 

Architects the world over rely on safety glass whenever incorporating glass or glass features within a building design. Using regular glass is too risky. Safety glass is used because it is tough and sturdy, expertly tempered to be more resilient than regular glass. It is typically incorporated into high-rises, store front windows and displays, and even glass shower doors. Wherever there is high human traffic, whether consumer or worker, safety glass is required. If safety glass breaks, it breaks into harmless and uniform pieces which cause significantly less injury than glass shards. Safety glass is categorized into three main factions: tempered, wired, and laminated. 

A great way to spruce up your bathing space is with glass shower doors, Toronto. Why glass? It has a sophisticated look and visually opens up any room. Installing tempered glass panels where a dingy shower curtain used to hang has the effect of making the space look bigger, lighter, and airy. The bathroom can be a space for tranquility and Zen; transform your bathing space into a spa-like retreat. You do not need to change much to have a big impact, either. A solid statement piece like a glass shower door will do all the talking. You can choose to go with a single glass door or an entire glass surround; panels can be transparent or etched for extra privacy.  

Safety glass is typically used for architectural projects, from store front windows to shower doors. Regular glass is considered too brittle for these types of applications. Safety glass is specially designed to be tougher than regular glass, which is why it is the standard in architecture. Furthermore, if safety glass breaks, it shatters into round fragments of a similar size. These fragments are less likely to cause physical damage, with the added bonus that they are easier and faster to clean. 

Ordinary glass is not durable enough to withstand the pressure of being part of an architectural design. Glass manufacturers developed many ways to innovate their products, one of which is glass tempering. It is a process that toughens glass. Tempered glass panels are much safer for construction purposes because the glass breaks into granular chunks when shattered. It is for this reason tempered glass is favored for installations like glass shower doors, skyscraper exteriors, and storefront windows. This article outlines the benefits of tempered glass panels, regarding safety and more.