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Demand for glass shower doors in Toronto are increasing due to condominium development and smaller living arrangements. Installing glass shower doors in Toronto means easy maintenance, saving space, and a stylish look.

Custom etched glass has been in use since eighteen fifties where patron used it in enhancing their privacy without obscuring natural light. Having been embraced in the modern world too, glasses, mirrors, glassware and glass shower doors in Toronto are still made of this with the chemical treatments and manufacturing becoming easy and safer...

Home décor and personalization has evolved over the years. One of the most popular renovations that are conducted in modern homes, is the bathroom. It is getting more uncommon to see plastic curtains for showers, custom glass shower doors are usually the direction that is taken because of its lasting capabilities and stain resistance...

A classic example of bent glass is that simple piece of curved glass on your lampshade. What you might not know is that it takes a great deal of work to achieve that simple design. In fact, there are very few glass manufacturers in Canada capable of producing bent glass because of the top notch specialized processes involved. All Team Glass has significantly contributed to massive innovations of glass curving technologies in a bid create customer oriented designs for modern applications.

There is no doubt that the use of glass in the construction industry has become very popular. To make things more interesting, designers are now working on possibilities of having buildings that are over 80 percent glass-made. This just proves that glass has evolved from the fragile material it used to be to a sturdy structure that can be relied upon. The type of glass you see integrated into the structure of buildings is known as architectural glass.