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Custom glass shower doors enrich the functionality and overall appearance of one of the most commonly used rooms within a home. Frameless custom glass shower doors give an all-glass touch to your bathroom enclosure without the contrasting interruption brought by the frame. It is considered a high-end design that opens your bathroom space and accepts several style preferences from the convention ‘purpose-only’ shower. If you want a bathroom that acts as both an architectural masterpiece and a functional room, then you will want to select the appropriate combination of glass. 


Bent glass is everywhere in modern architecture—you see it in office buildings, museums, cultural hubs, and government buildings. It really makes a statement. Popular applications for bent glass include partitions, enclosures, windows, doors, as well as store displays and fixtures. How is bent glass made? The process may surprise you. 

In the mid eighteen hundreds, custom etched glass was used on establishments to provide privacy to patrons without completely obliterating natural light. Today etched glass is still used for windows, doors, glassware, and mirrors. The manufacturing process and chemical treatments used to achieve that frosted look have become a lot safer due to modern technology. Custom etched glass can certainly enhance the aesthetics of your home and make it unique from other homes in the neighborhood. 

Custom glass shower doors can improve the aesthetics and function of your bathroom. Shower curtains are pretty common in most bathrooms but their popularity is being overtaken by custom glass shower doors in Toronto as well as the GTA. Shower curtains get stains and are prone to becoming a breeding ground for mold and mildew. But why else are homeowners moving away from curtains and towards glass? 

Home décor enthusiasts are opting for glass shower doors in Toronto and across the GTA. Many homeowners pay attention to the aesthetics of their bathroom because it is a part of home interior design. However, the problem with most homes is inadequate space in the bathroom to allow free hand in creating design. An ingenious solution is the installation of transparent glass shower doors to add class and sophistication to any size bathroom.