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Renovation Project? Here Are the Latest Kitchen Design Trends

November 22, 2019

You would be hard pressed to find someone who didn’t think the kitchen and bathroom were the two most important areas of a home.


It is the kitchen, however, that has established itself as the heart of an abode throughout our culture.


After all, most household activities can be traced back to the kitchen and, more importantly, is where family and friends gather to share unforgettable experiences. It comes as no surprise then that kitchen design trends remain an ever popular point of conversation amongst homeowners, designers, and architects.


To help kindle your inspiration, we’ve compiled a diverse selection of kitchen designs motifs that encompass everything from modern country to ultra-minimalism:


Beautiful Edwardian-Era: this design has recently caught second-wind and can be achieved with a centerpiece of a salvaged chestnut and cold-rolled steel island. For striking contrast, pair this aesthetic with a stunning contemporary element, much like a safety glass wall and big statement pot lights.


Elegant Bistro Style Kitchen: the Belle Époque style can be revived in a kitchen designed with ornate crystal chandeliers and a marble countertop. For a romantic European slant, try incorporating delicately painted dove-grey cabinetry.


Modern Cottage Design: for those with large families, nothing makes for a more perfect hub than a cottage-like style in the kitchen. A 12 ft. long island can provide all the room you need to accommodate for families with higher headcounts. Often, designers will breathe air into this design by adding an open ceiling made from safety glass while also doubling to allow the younger ones above to have a peek of the meal from the second floor.


Standout Statement Style: a grand scale design that is complimented by custom touches such as a thick Statuario island made of slab are timeless. A marble-tiled hood fan in your kitchen can turn an otherwise boring functional element into a big statement, which is what this aesthetic choice is all about.


Sleek Showroom Appeal: this design centers on developing a “kitchen showroom” effect that is filled with impressive features. Appliance garages underneath the cabinets provide the room you need to store essentials while keeping countertops neat and clutter-free. A comprehensive sleek look is achieved by utilising safety glass walls and doors.


Should you decide to use safety glass in your kitchen design, All Team Glass offers high quality glass, toughened or laminated, for your family’s safety and security against preventable injuries. Reach out to us and let us know your specifications - we’ll help you achieve both form and function throughout your abode!

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