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Shower Glass: How to Ensure You Get the Most for Your Money

Most people prefer glass shower doors to shower curtains. One reason behind this is the sophisticated look and elegance that they offer. Glass shower doors in Toronto can be customized to accommodate your bathroom’s specifications and design.


Glass shower doors in Toronto are available in a wide variety of types and designs. This quick and simple guide will provide you with important aspects to consider before deciding on glass shower doors:


Situation Assessment: Before you even begin your search for glass shower doors in Toronto, look inside your washroom and examine the space available. How big is your shower? How much space does it take up in the room? Who uses it – is this a shared washroom or is it your own?


Type of Glass: Once you have done that, think about the type of glass you’d like. Shower glass can be fabricated to match the traditional or modern look of your bathroom. We advise glass that is 8mm-19mm in thickness and that the glass is safety tempered. Also, look for common hinge cutouts or drilled holes that are fabricated by CNC machining.


Many homeowners are reluctant to opt for glass shower doors because of the misconception that glass is easily broken and dangerous when it does break because it produces shards that could pose a risk of injury. However, if you ensure your glass is safety tempered and properly installed, you can prevent such issues.


Other criteria to think about are your preferences of clear or frosted glass, and whether or not you would like your doors framed. This is very subjective and depends on your taste. If you need further assistance on what shower glass is or more information on the benefits of shower glass, call our expert team at All Team Glass (ATG) today! You can reach us toll free at 1-800-363-4651!