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Tempered Glass Panels and Why it is Used Today

December 22, 2020

Tempered glass panels are being used more often in residential homes today. Not only does it provide an aesthetic that is common in modern architecture and interior design, it is also the material of choice due to its physical properties.


It is a stronger and more secure option, opening a wider range of applications compared to regular glass. 


What are Tempered Glass Panels

Tempered glass is produced by treating annealed glass with heat or chemicals, effectively increasing the compressive surface stress of the glass and therefore becoming stronger and more brittle. Increasing the stress in the glass also allows it to completely shatter into smaller chunks on impact rather than larger shards like regular annealed glass. This is why tempered glass is often used with safety in mind.

Light and Security

Glass is a great material to use in modern homes. It provides your living area with more light exposure through the larger windows often designed in modern homes, reducing the need to turn on the lights when the sun is out. Annealed glass is often replaced with tempered glass to increase the security of a home due to its increased strength and resistance to impact.

Design and Applications

In a minimalistic home, you will often find tempered glass panels used for railings, doors, stairs, and in some furniture and appliances. Bathrooms will often have tempered glass doors replacing curtains, which will be easier to clean. Glass stairs and railings will often be a design option for homeowners as tempered glass is stronger and is able to hold a greater amount of weight than regular glass. Desks, tables, and cabinets can also use tempered glass as part of its structure for increased strength and a minimal aesthetic. Electric stovetops also use tempered glass due to its heat resistance while allowing sufficient heat to transfer through the glass.

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