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The Benefits of Using Tempered Glass Panels

Glass is used in so many applications around the world. It seems almost impossible to navigate a city without spotting glass or metal – they’re everywhere. There are a number of different types of glass, each with their own different applications. Tempered glass panels are widely used in a number of industries for two reasons.


There Are Two Main Benefits That Using Tempered Glass Panels Offer, Which Include:




Tempered glass panels offer much more durability than regular and “ordinary” types of glass. This high durability is a result of its unique annealing process. The difference between standard glass and tempered glass lies within the rate at which the glass is cooled.


When standard glass is fabricated, it is annealed using a process that cools the glass quickly. Standard glass, while manufactured more efficiently due to its relatively quick annealing process, is fragile for the same reason. The faster the cooling process, the more fragile it will be.


This also means that the longer the cooling process, the more durable the glass panel will be – and that is how tempered glass panels are made. Tempered glass has a much longer annealing process since it allows the glass to cool down slowly. This provides tempered glass with high strength and resistance against scratches and physical impacts.




The other main benefit that tempered glass panels provide is safety. When standard glass is broken, it shatters into sharp pieces that pose a large physical threat to anyone that might come in contact with it. When tempered glass panels break, they shatter into relatively harmless small pellets and are not as sharp.


Tempered glass, also known as safety glass, is utilized in various applications ranging from car windshields to shower doors. Essentially, tempered glass panels are ideally used in applications where safety is of the utmost priority.


While there are only two benefits of using tempered glass panels, these benefits are greatly valued. Durability and safety are two things that people should look for in their glass panels – especially when it comes to applications where security and personal safety is absolutely vital.

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