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The Convenience and Versatility of Architectural Glass

September 09, 2020

Glass is everywhere in buildings, whether residential or commercial, small homes or large malls. With that said, not all glass types are the same. Glass that is used in windows is not the same as glass that is used in constructing enclosures. The latter is known as architectural glass, and is typically simply defined as glass that is used as a building material. It is most commonly used in building envelopes as well as internal partitions, with safety variations that are reinforced or laminated.


A Subtle but Additive Design

Architectural glass is subtle. Thanks to its transparent, colourless, and background-oriented qualities, it has a subtle presence contributing to your overall interior design. Simplicity is the name of the game here. A simple partition can do wonders to open up a room and present a modern, sophisticated image. New-age interior design uses glass extensively as a replacement for woodwork and concrete. Durable, reinforced architectural glass makes it possible to use it as furniture, seats, and walls. For most restaurants, it's the perfect wall-style partition that does not occupy visual space but creates excellent rhythm and organization. 


Protection and Insulation

Safety-oriented and toughened glass can serve as a protective yet uncluttered window for your property. In many cases, life-sized ceiling-to-floor windows use reinforced glass to act as a support structure and protective barrier that does not hinder the viewer's line of sight. Furthermore, their laminated and seamless installation contributes to the property's overall insulation. 


A Wide Variety of Glass to Choose From

Architectural-oriented glasses have numerous versions that guarantee extensive physical protection and provide a substantial aesthetic boost. Reliable glass manufacturers, such as All Team Glass, only create the best decorative and protective glasses available.


With over 45 years of collective experience and service providing top-tier glass products, we at All Team Glass have full confidence to deliver the glass you need. Contact us today to learn more.

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