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The Many Benefits and Applications of Bent Glass

January 15, 2019

Using bent glass in your project can offer a more aesthetically-pleasing option over traditional flat glass options. Curved glass is most prominently known for its ability to cultivate a uniqueness in architectural design. From domes, to solariums, to revolving doors, to the exterior facades of modern buildings, the applications of curved glass are endless. Today we’ll go over the benefits and many applications of curved glass.

Benefits: Eco-friendly, Visually-Enticing, and Thermal Insulating

  • Glass is an eco-friendlier option as it can be recyclable. Recycled glass can be used in place of up to 95% of raw materials, resulting in the potential for roughly a ton of natural resources saved for every ton of glass that is recycled.
  • Utilizing glass in architecture is a contemporary trend, as its transparency offers a sense of space and allows for more natural light to pass through. Glass is affiliated with a cleaner, minimalist look – and is used in both the interiors and exteriors of contemporary residential and commercial buildings.
  • Bent glass (as does regular glass) can also acts as a thermal insulator – rendering it unable to conduct heat or electricity. Instead, glass resists heat, making it a great heat insulator meaning it is able to trap heat - which is optimal for the colder months of the year.   

Structural Benefits of Curved Glass

There are many structural benefits to using curved glass in your project. The arching evident in curved glass allows for the glass to become highly load resistant. The thickness of the glass can also be reduced to lessen the overall weight (and cost) of the structure. Additionally, bent and tempered glass can offer an increased mechanical strength, allowing for more durability against temperature variations.

Applications of Curved Glass

There are multiple aesthetic and practical applications of curved glass. Curved Glass is used externally in the facades of skyscrapers and other buildings, shop fronts, and windows. It is used internally for showcases, shower doors and enclosures, elevator glass panels, and room partitions. Curved glass also offer multiple architectural applications such as in domes, solariums, aquariums, barrel vaults, and revolving doors.

Utilizing curved glass is a great non-conventional alternative to traditional glass applications. Glass offers environmentally-friendly, visually-enticing, and thermal insulating benefits while simultaneously offering structural benefits – perfect for architectural functions. The uses for bent glass are truly endless!

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