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The Secret to Amazing Glass Shower Doors in Toronto

At All Team Glass, we are specialists when it comes to fabrication and customizing glass, and we can design a wide range of glass shower doors in Toronto as well as custom enclosures. Convenience, usability and beauty drive us to excel. Our excellent facility helps us hone our manufacturing capabilities, allowing us to be very cost effective.

Our in-house design team can provide consultations and artistic design ideas, as well as technical expertise on materials and equipment. Whether it’s a simple pattern or an intricate design, we are here to help you make the bathroom of your dreams for your Toronto home!


Our glass shower doors in Toronto stand out from the rest because:


  1. Glass Thickness- We offer a range of thickness from a minimum of 8mm and up to 19mm thick, which lets us ensure your safety and that of your family, as well as the glass door’s durability and its fit with your custom project. Your safety and satisfaction are paramount.


  1. Custom Sizing/Shaping- Our modern facility and depth of skill lets us cover all kinds of designs and give us the ability to work on any bathroom or shower available no matter the size – whether it is commercial or residential.


  1. Safety Tempered- All our glass shower doors, from the standard applications to the fully customized versions, are safety tempered. This provides durable glass which is far less prone to cracking. You can feel confident in the safety of your glass shower doors.


  1. Custom Artwork and Designs- With our ability to provide shallow etching and deep etching together with sand blasting, our capabilities are endless when it comes to glass art. From simple name carvings, patterns or styles to more complicated artwork - we are here for you!


Picking out the right glass shower doors should be fun and rewarding for you, so our In-house design team is available for any project. We are can consult with you and cater to your unique and original design and taste. We can also reproduce any pattern or piece of art that you provide. Contact All Team Glass today to book a consultation or request a quote!