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Use custom etched glass to turn your project into something bespoke

Custom etched glass has long been the preserve of high end projects: be it to bring ornateness to an office, residential dwelling or for smaller glassware.


As such a misconception that glass etching is an exclusive and unaffordable option, which will require significant investment has come to be accepted.


The fact is custom etched glass is easily attainable – so long as you know where to look. A well-finished job, and done to your liking and taste, requires finding the right craftsmen: those who have the creative vision and the right equipment to bring it to life.

And then there’s your own understanding of where custom etched glass can be used. Glass can be utilized for a number of applications, etched glass equally so: for windows, doors, interior decoration, corporate awards and gifts or as an artwork.


Use in architecture

Custom etched glass for architectural use is the most commonly recognized use of such glass. Etched glass creates a mood and ambience for the space, and affects how light reflects from it. Custom etched glass can be used for decorative purposes as well as functional ones; for instance, to create a privacy shield, instead of using blinds or curtains.


Interior decoration

Glass etching is also a great way of showcasing your brand or motif. When placed near entrances, custom etched glass lends an air of sophistication and thoughtfulness. Why think vertically only, glass etching is commonly used on table tops and for decorative furniture, to add that layer of ornateness.


Souvenirs and personalized gifts

Souvenirs or mementos with etched glass are ubiquitous in gift shops and boutiques. Custom etched glass adds a sheen to the product and makes it appear more desirable. Moreover, glass etching can be used to good effect to personalize the gift item.


Corporate gifts and awards

Personalization is not an option but a necessity in corporate gifts and awards. Glassware, sculptures and glass blanks created for recognizing achievement or contribution are almost always customized with the name of the organization and the recipient.


At All Team Glass we employ experienced craftsmen, the latest machines and a variety of glass etching techniques to deliver your final product. We undertake projects large and small, and work on large as well as smaller glass pieces. We work with clients on residential and commercial projects. And utilize deep carving