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2 Important Functions of Safety Glass

In the modern world, safety glass serves an important role in providing a secure environment for both homes and businesses without compromising on aesthetics. As is obvious from the name, this glass is designed with safety in mind, but it also offers plenty of other benefits. 


Here Are The Top Two Major Advantages Of Safety Glass


Functions As A Sturdy Barrier

One of the biggest benefits of safety glass is its ability to act as a barrier for people inside homes, businesses, and other properties. This glass is ideal for such purposes as it not only regulates foot traffic but also keeps the interior environment airy, open, and welcoming. Due to these benefits, you will often find quality safety glass installed in schools, colleges, storefronts, and other similar institutions. 


Tougher To Break

Another important role of safety glass is that it provides people with an added layer of security. This is due to the durable nature of this glass, as it is much harder to break by blows compared to untreated glass. In fact, it can withstand up to four or more blows compared to its traditional counterpart. Moreover, once it breaks, it doesn’t shatter into jagged glass pieces but instead crumbles into smaller shards that don’t have sharp edges. Tempered glass is one such type of glass that is specifically designed to reduce the chance of injury. Thus, this makes safety glass the top choice for building storefronts and schools as well as in making shower doors and glass tables. 


On the other hand, laminated glass, which is another type of safety glass, is most likely to be used as an entrance door, windows in banks, and glass cabinets at homes. The greatest advantage of this glass is that once it’s broken, it stays in its frame and does not scatter. Made of two or more sheets of glass that are bonded together using a strong layer of plastic, this feature ensures maximum safety even when the glass breaks. 


To conclude, it is clear that compared to untreated glass, safety glass provides more benefits and it can even be installed on a budget. We at All Team Glass and Mirror Ltd. can make any kind of custom safety glass for your unique project needs in accordance with your budget. Contact us today to learn more about our products and services.

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