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The Benefits of Tempered Glass

Tempered glass goes beyond the efficient protective glass that you see over your smartphones and LCD screens. It is also an effective material for windows, doors, and much more. Sturdy, durable, and aesthetically pleasing, they are an important part of modern decor worldwide. 


Here Are Four Convincing Benefits of Tempered Glass That You Should Know


Scratch Resistant


If there is a scratch on your tempered glass, then the scratch will be filled with a layer of clear, hardened glass. This is because tempered glass panels are made of two layers of annealed glass with a layer of gas in between. It is made by heating the glass to just over its melting point and then cooling it quickly. This contributes to its scratch-resistant capabilities.


Breaks Into Non-Hazardous Pieces


Tempered Glass is made with a layer of high-quality, extremely hard glass on the outside and a layer of special, brittle and thinner glass on the inside. When a tempered glass panel shatters, the weaker glass simply folds around the stronger one and creates a barrier that stops the shards from going any further. This makes the glass much safer to use than its counterparts, such as tempered glass products made by All Team Glass and Mirror Ltd., the pioneers in custom glass manufacturing.


Extreme Durability


Tempered Glass is also known for having high resistance to breaking. This is achieved by a process known as tempering that effectively strengthens the glass by thermal treatment, such as heating and rapid cooling. The tempering process strengthens the glass by lowering its surface temperature. 


Easily Recyclable


Another excellent feature of tempered glass is that it is easily recyclable. This is done by melting down the glass and using it to create new products. First, it is crushed and ground into sand-like granules. During manufacturing, the powdered glass is mixed with sand and a binding agent to form a new product.


You can always count on us at All Team Glass and Mirror Ltd. to provide you with the most reliable glass manufacturing services. Contact us today to learn more about everything that we can do for you.

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