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2 Tips For Maintaining Glass Shower Doors

A neat and clean bathroom with all the necessary amenities is a sign of a well-maintained household. There are several ways to design the bathroom and spruce it up. Designing or remodelling the bathroom is done after considering factors like the number of members in the household, available space, and the budget. 

Separating the bath area from the rest of the bathroom is a simple and effective tip that ensures cleanliness. Using shower enclosures with glass shower doors in Toronto is perfect for separating the bath area from the rest of the bathroom. Shower doors are better than shower curtains because they are more durable in the long run if adequately maintained.


2 Easy Maintenance Tips For Glass Shower Soors 


Avoid scratches

Scratches are the biggest problem when it comes to glass doors. It is essential to prevent the glass doors from getting scratched as it affects the aesthetics and structural integrity of the glass. If you have fitted a towel bar on the glass door, keep in mind to use it only for hanging towels. Avoid hanging clothes with metallic zip or buttons on the bars to prevent the glass from getting scratched.

Clean regularly
What sounds like a simple tip is actually the most important for glass maintenance. Regular cleaning is vital for ensuring the durability of the glass doors. Using glass cleaning solutions from dependable brands is recommended for this purpose. Avoid using harsh chemicals. Use only a sponge or brush with soft bristles for cleaning.

One of the best ways to guarantee the long life of glass doors is to get them from dependable glass fabricators with a proven track record. 

All Team Glass & Mirror Ltd. is one of the best glass fabricators that boast a diverse clientele across Toronto and the nearby regions. Get in touch with us today for the best glass shower door in Toronto. We also offer custom etched glass at competitive rates.

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