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An Overview of Safety Glass And Its Applications

Glass is used for a wide range of commercial and industrial use. Owing to their many benefits. safety and architectural glass are among the most popular amidst different glass types.

As the name suggests, safety glass is different from regular glass due to the additional safety features. One of the significant advantages of this glass is that when it breaks, it poses much less of a threat to the people around it.

The structural composition of this glass is such that when pressure is exerted, it breaks into small granular chunks instead of sharp and irregular pieces.


Common Applications Of Safety Glass


Car windows

Automotive is one of the major industries that use toughened glass to offer clients enhanced security. If unfortunately, the car you drive gets into an accident, you do not want the sharp pieces of broken glass to cause more damage. This is why automotive companies use toughened glass for manufacturing windshields and car door windows. 


Shower doors

Glass fabricators worldwide use this type of glass to construct shower enclosures and doors. The glass used for this purpose needs to be strong and durable. Safety is one of the most important parameters considered while making shower doors as they should not be easily damaged or broken. 


Airplane windows

Airplane windows are made in accordance with stringent safety codes. No leniency whatsoever is permitted when it comes to air safety. Each and every aspect of an airplane undergoes stringent safety and quality checks. The glass used for airplane windows needs to have uncompromised structural integrity. Safety glass ticks all the boxes and is thus used for making airplane windows of top quality.


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