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3 Benefits of Water Jet Cutting

June 03, 2020

It shouldn’t be a surprise that cutting glass comes with its own set of challenges. Glass is produced when a mixture of sand and alkali metals are fused together at high temperatures. One of the largest challenges of cutting glass is that despite being a hard material, it is quite brittle. The brittle nature of glass can be observed upon it shattering as hundreds of glass fragments separate. 


With brittleness hindering the structural integrity of glass workpieces, it can make us wonder “what methods can we use to effectively cut glass?”




Choosing water jet cutting services is one way to achieve clean, seamless cuts in glass. It is gentle enough so as to ensure that the glass does not break, but does not compromise on power. Water jets are also able to maintain precision when it comes to glass cuts. The high-powered stream of water is focused at a tiny focal point, which leaves smooth edges on cuts and leaves little impact on the rest of the workpiece. 


No Vibrational Impact


Another added benefit of choosing water jet cutting services over other cutting technologies is that there is no vibration impact when performing cuts. Vibration that comes from the source of power or machine itself can impart damage to the glass workipiece - especially if the glass is less dense, and more brittle. The water jet simply deteriorates and erodes the glass material instead of grinding or chipping it away to achieve the cut.


A Seamless Edge 


The water jet also does not leave heat or impart surface stresses onto the glass workpiece. This enables the glass workpiece to maintain its original appearance and strength, with little to zero finishing work needed. In most cases, the water jet’s cutting width enables any design to be cut seamlessly.


In need of quality water jet cutting services?


Look no further than All Team Glass for you water jet cutting needs. We are capable of achieving precise cuts for architectural glassworking applications. We work hard to achieve the results you’re looking for. Call us today to learn more about our services. 


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