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The Process of Bent Glass

May 28, 2020

You may have noticed in more recent times, the use of different glass designs and shapes in both residential and commercial spaces. Known as bent glass, glass manufacturers produce it by heating and softening a sheet of glass, and then bend it into the desired shape. Once that process is done, it is then annealed and cooled.


It provides great aesthetic appeal and is used in many industries, including household appliances, furniture, bath, construction, and automotive. 


The first step of the process is to cut the glass into the desired size. Glass manufacturers will then clean and polish the glass while a UV lamp is used to check for dust or impurities. This step is important as any unwanted particles can cause the glass to shatter or crack. 

One method for creating bent glass is to use a steel mould that is shaped to the desired dimensions of the requested design. Often a mixture of detergent and calcium carbonate is used to prevent the glass from sticking to the mould. The mould and glass are then loaded into a furnace where the bending process takes place. The heat will loosen the bonds between silica molecules in the glass, causing it to soften and bend to the mould. Once this step is complete the glass is annealed and cooled for about two hours.

There is also the use of a horizontal tempering machine with a bending furnace. Once the glass is heated and malleable, the glass is bent to its target radius. There are two options in this process. There is lengthwise bending where the glass is twisted into the direction in which the glass flows. There is also crosswise bending where the glass is bent crosswise across the glass flow.

All Team Glass provides high-quality bent glass that looks aesthetically pleasing and is completely functional. As glass manufacturers, we employ state-of-the-art equipment and processes to accommodate a wide variety of glass shapes and forms. Contact us today to learn more about our services! 


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