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3 Hot Trends in Glass Shower Designs

Are you tired of your drab shower curtain? Have you been thinking about replacing it with a trendier glass shower door? All Team Glass has been a manufacturer of custom glass shower doors in Toronto for over 40 years – while you can settle on some cheap, ordinary glass shower enclosures, we offer incredibly stylish options that are still affordable for you to consider.


As makers of custom fabricated glass shower doors in Toronto, All Team Glass caters our customization capabilities to providing you with both high functionality and aesthetic appeal. You can opt for any design you want to get your space to look exactly how you want it to. We even provide etching services -  if you want a touch of nature incorporated into your shower door, you can get ocean waves or a mountain range etched onto it. Designs on the shower door will help you achieve an extra layer of privacy while also transforming your shower into a work of art. 


Here Are More Hot Design Trends to Get You Inspired


Curbless Showers


This trendy look is perfect for easy access. It is best paired with frameless glass shower doors and has no obvious floor drains or ledges to step over as well, giving your bathroom a clean, seamless look.  


Going Frameless


If you are looking for a sleeker, more cohesive look for your shower, then a frameless shower door is perfect. Compared to old-fashioned shower enclosures, a frameless swinging door eliminates the need for borders for each glass panel, giving your shower a modernist and minimalist feel.


Partial Enclosures


Want to feel like you have your own spa right in your house? This is the design for you. A partially enclosed shower is efficient, and can look very luxurious. They are also rather functional, being able to keep your bathroom cleaner and dryer.


We’re sure this list got your creativity spiking. All you need now is a reputable maker of glass shower doors in Toronto like All Team Glass, and you’re all set for your new shower!

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